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Most of the stomach problems are caused by eating? These bad habits hurt your stomach, hope you don't

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Most of the stomach problems are caused by eating? These bad habits hurt your stomach, hope you don't

The so-called: "stomach is not good, it is difficult to live a long life"! Modern people have nine stomachs in ten people. Stomach diseases are very common and seriously endanger human health. Most people's stomach problems are caused by poor eating habits and living habits. So, which eating habits hurt the stomach the most? 1. Although there is a saying of smoking after a meal, "a cigarette after a meal is better than a living fairy", but this is an extremely wrong habit, and many people are convinced of this, thinking that smoking after a meal has many benefits. There are more disadvantages. Originally, there are many harmful substances in the smoke produced by burning cigarettes, including many substances that can cause cancer. After a meal, people's gastrointestinal function is active and blood circulation is accelerated, and the ability to absorb harmful substances is stronger. Therefore, the harm of smoking after a meal is even greater than that of normal smoking. And smoking after meals will also promote more bile secretion, cause gastritis and other diseases, hinder digestion. 2. Start strenuous exercise immediately after a meal The second bad habit is to exercise immediately after a meal, especially if it produces strenuous exercise. People are in a state of fullness after a meal, and there is more food in the stomach. At this time, vigorous exercise will cause the stomach to vibrate and bump and cause abdominal pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. And exercise after meals can also lead to gastric ischemia and reduce the peristaltic ability of the stomach, thereby causing indigestion. In addition, exercise after a meal can also cause diseases such as gastric ptosis, so it is not appropriate to exercise immediately after a meal. It is best to take a break after a meal and do small exercises first, such as walking slowly. Therefore, it is not impossible to exercise after meals, but to do small exercises. 3. The bad habit of going to bed immediately after a meal is similar to the second point. After a meal, the stomach is in an active state, and going to bed immediately will cause stomach discomfort and indigestion. If you fall asleep after a meal, your metabolism will decrease, and more calories in food will be converted into fat, which will make you fat and abnormal in blood lipids. This is why many people who sleep when they are full, or who do not exercise are prone to gain weight. 4. It is a Chinese tradition to drink tea immediately after a meal. Many people drink tea to maintain health and prevent many diseases. This is not wrong in itself. However, it is not recommended to drink tea immediately after a meal, because drinking tea immediately after a meal can cause indigestion and, in severe cases, increase the risk of kidney stones. There are many substances in the water for making tea, including tannic acid and theophylline. Tannic acid and theophylline will affect the secretion of digestive substances such as gastric juice and pancreatic juice, thereby affecting the digestion of food by the stomach and causing indigestion. In addition, it is not good to eat fruit after meals. Fruits are best eaten before meals. They can not only supplement vitamins, but also increase people's sense of satiety and control their weight by eating less, especially for those who want to lose weight. For people who don't want to exercise, they should eat fruit before meals. Also, don't loosen your belt after eating a full meal, because severe cases may lead to gastric ptosis. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization


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