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Does earwax have its own mission to protect the ear canal? Where did all the earwax go?

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Does earwax have its own mission to protect the ear canal? Where did all the earwax go?

In recent years, ear picking has been sought after by many people, not only to remove earwax, but also to produce an unexpected pleasure. However, doctors recommend not picking ears unless necessary to avoid damage to the external auditory canal and hearing. Earwax is not useless, it can play a cleaning and protective role. What does earwax do? 1. Moisturizing Under normal circumstances, earwax is oily, which can moisturize the skin and maintain a certain humidity in the ear canal. 2. Avoid trauma. Earwax is equivalent to a barrier to the ear, which can prevent the entry of foreign objects or small insects, otherwise it will cause damage to the tympanic membrane. 3. Inhibition of bacteria Earwax contains a large amount of immunoglobulin A, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the ear canal. Frequent removal of earwax can easily lead to infection, resulting in external auditory canal eczema and otitis externa. Where did all the earwax go? Most earwax can be excreted by itself, which is a metabolite of the body and can be excreted by chewing, talking, and exercising. When chewing food at ordinary times, the temporomandibular joint keeps moving, which promotes the automatic discharge of earwax. A small number of people have oily ears due to genetic factors, and it is difficult for the earwax to be discharged by itself, which makes the earwax accumulate in the external auditory canal, resulting in cerumen embolism, causing tinnitus, ear fullness and hearing loss. Such people should seek medical help and use scientific means. Remove earwax. In addition, some people have congenital stenosis of the external auditory canal, and the earwax cannot be discharged normally. Over time, the blockage will form a cerumen plug. Therefore, if a significant blockage occurs, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible and have it removed by a professional doctor. What are the health risks of earwax removal? 1. Pushing deeper and deeper Although the cotton swab is very soft, it will push the earwax deeper and deeper, which will affect the natural fall and cleaning of the earwax, and also damage the hearing. When earwax builds up too deep and compresses the eardrum, it can cause a range of symptoms. 2. When ear picking is induced by inflammation, the equipment used is not strictly sterilized, which will cause cross-infection; at the same time, bacteria or mold will also be introduced. Ear spoons and brushes are not medical, and improper force can damage the external auditory canal and lead to perforation of the tympanic membrane, which can cause tinnitus, ear pain, and hearing loss. 3. More and more earwax The sebaceous glands will continue to be stimulated, resulting in a large amount of oil secretion, which will lead to more and more earwax. Kindly remind you not to dig your ears unless it is necessary. If you feel itching in your ears, you might as well rub, tug or massage the outer auricle with your hands. If you feel very itchy or even affect your hearing because of earwax, you should go to the hospital's ENT department. After picking ears in an irregular place, if there is obvious stuffiness and discomfort in the ear, and hearing suddenly decreases, you should seek medical examination as soon as possible to avoid delaying the treatment. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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