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Depression treatment changes 4 times in 2 months, can this doctor still make people believe it?

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Depression treatment changes 4 times in 2 months, can this doctor still make people believe it?

Two months ago, accompanied by my family, I went to the psychiatric outpatient clinic. At that time, the diagnosis was severe depression and it was recommended to be hospitalized. However, since I did not have self-harm or hurtful thoughts and behaviors, my parents communicated with the doctor after communicating with the doctor. Decided to take medication without hospitalization. I prescribed a bunch of medicines, including fluoxetine, lorazepam, etc. After I went home, I took the medicine on time for about a week. My mood improved, but the quality of sleep was still not good. I could sleep about 4 hours a night. When I went to the follow-up consultation, the doctor changed some medicines, told me how to take the medicine, and let me take it at home to see the effect. After taking the drug for 2 weeks again, my sleep has improved and I can sleep 1-2 hours more than before, but the auditory hallucinations have not improved significantly, and I still hear the mocking voice of my ex-boyfriend. (About how I was depressed, and what happened with my ex-boyfriend, I will explain later.) I went to the doctor again, this time some drugs were increased, and some were changed again, according to the re-prescribed medication plan , and asked me to return to the doctor in 2 weeks. If there is obvious discomfort during the period, I will return to the doctor in time. After taking this medication, it was the best experience. I felt that my body was much more relaxed, and I could sleep for 6 hours at night, but I would wake up with a little noise from light sleep, and the frequency of auditory hallucinations decreased. I felt that I had the energy to do something. For example, cooking and painting for a while. When I went back to the clinic again, I thought that the treatment plan would improve and I would follow this plan, but this time there were some adjustments, and my family and I were inexplicably a little uneasy. We doubted the professional level of the doctor and whether There is no other purpose to deliberately prolong the treatment time. Under the recommendation of relatives, Enen psychologically made an appointment with a well-known psychiatrist in Beijing for online consultation, hoping to help give me a more authoritative answer. After understanding my condition and medication plan, the experts patiently answered our concerns and told me that almost every patient will have this stage in the early stage of medication. This is to find a more suitable drug and dosage for them, because everyone The reaction after the drug is very different. And every doctor will have his own experience and habits, so different doctors will have some differences in medication. My current medication is not a big problem. I can follow the doctor's plan for regular follow-up visits. You can contact the doctor in Beijing later. He has other treatment options. After hearing the expert's analysis, we were relieved. Therefore, I also hope that my own medical experience can provide some reference for you. It is normal for depression, anxiety, and mental illness to be adjusted several times in the early stage of drug treatment. Don’t be too nervous and worried. If you are really in doubt, you can ask another doctor and ask again. It is best to consult a specialist who has more experience. Next, I will tell you about my experience of suffering from depression, and I hope that more people can treat themselves kindly and pay attention to their mental and mental health. 4 years ago, I ended a 3-year relationship because of my boyfriend cheating on him. When I broke up, my boyfriend not only did not admit my mistake, but also said that I was fat and had no sense of beauty at all, and my self-esteem was severely affected. Almost half a year after the breakup, I never slept peacefully. Occasionally, I recall the happy times we used to be together. Tears flowed down my face. Since then, I have become suspicious of myself and become inferior. I feel that no one will like me, and I will also think in various details why he is so heartless. If he doesn't like me, he doesn't like me anymore. How can that girl be better than me? .....In this kind of thinking whirlpool, I think over and over again -- sad -- think over and over again -- even more sad. Sad for a long time. About a year and a half ago, my symptoms got worse after hearing from a friend that he was getting married soon, and he said a lot of bad things about me, and since then I sometimes think of him in my ears. Voice, listening to him choreographing the bad things I said with other people, and even wondering if he would have taken my nude photos and posted them online. After that, I felt that strangers on the street would also point and point at me, talking about me, (but not actually) because I couldn't stand this feeling, so I told my parents about my experience and situation. Mom and Dad, they didn't blame me, they just advised me to see a doctor. After seeing the doctor, everything will be fine... Now my condition is well controlled, I can sleep peacefully, and I won't think of his ridicule anymore. Sound, that is, emotional perception is still slowly recovering. I have seen a lot of sickness. Life is an unknown journey. We may encounter various things. Some things are understandable, and some things may not be understood. For those who cannot understand, you don’t have to force yourself. The most important thing is to live your life the way you are comfortable and to please yourself. In the past, I always thought that mental and psychological diseases were all inherited, but in fact that was only a small part. The reason why the incidence of depression is getting higher and higher is mainly related to acquired factors, such as growth experience, family, negative event stimulation, Stress, personality, etc. Emotions are suppressed inward instead of being resolved outwardly. Over time, problems such as depression and anxiety will occur. Therefore, the most important thing is to “prevent” and learn to look at yourself and life objectively.


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