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What's wrong with people with depression?

Time:2022-12-08 04:18:48 author:Mental disorder Read:155次
What's wrong with people with depression?

What's wrong with people with depression? There are more and more depression in adolescents, and parents take their children on a long road to seek medical treatment, but not many people recover. Is it because people lack understanding, or is it really an incurable disease? An excellent student suffers from depression and cannot study at all, and his grades are naturally like a waterfall, and the key is here. The harder you work, the worse your grades get. The core of depression is that you can't accept this gap, and you can't solve this gap, and you have high anxiety, deny yourself, feel that the problem is difficult, and you can't solve it yourself. The failure to solve this gap is the core reason why depression cannot be recovered. It has nothing to do with genetics, and has little to do with neurotransmitters. If you let him accept the fact that his grades have dropped at this time, it will only make him more desperate, so many Symptoms worsened after counseling in patients with depression. The core of intervention and adjustment of depression is to solve this gap. Key middle schools and famous universities are the hardest hit areas for depression. It seems that good people are prone to depression, but in fact it is not. Depression, when adjusting, use their past successful experiences to tap their strengths and strengths, guide them to objectively evaluate themselves and their difficulties, and let them know that it is not the lack of ability that affects her performance, but anxiety and emotional distress, learn to adjust Emotions, encourage bold attempts, and you can recover. As with any disease, it is easy to find a solution when you see the cause.


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