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Crazy thinking when you sleep? Be wary it's doing the trick

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Crazy thinking when you sleep? Be wary it's doing the trick

Where does anxiety come from before going to bed? Humans are animals that cannot lack sleep. We are born to love to sleep. When night comes, our brain will naturally secrete melatonin, and then go to sleep, and the brain will naturally rest. But with the rapid development and change of the times, our sleep has quietly changed. Working from sunrise and resting at sunset gradually evolved into sleeping in the early morning, waking up at three poles in the sun, and anxiety before going to bed is slowly invading. 1. There is no time for anxiety during the day, so we can only leave anxiety to the night. Maybe we will wonder why we are so energetic during the day, and anxious and worried come to us as soon as we go to bed. Come to think of it, as long as we are awake, our brains never stop. During the busy hours of the day, we simply don’t have time to stop and think or worry. But anxiety does not disappear because of this, but is temporarily stored in our subconscious. At night, when I have time, the thoughts of anxiety, worry, and anxiety will come out again. At the same time, the interpersonal communication needed during the day is also stopped at this moment, and the brain becomes rare and free, and it will naturally deal with our anxiety and thoughts at the first time. Negative self-talk, heightened anxiety Our brains are very good at thinking about possibilities and imagining outcomes, but when these thoughts happen at night, it can devolve into asking ourselves over and over again: --Did I do something wrong? I Where did I go wrong? How does this affect me? And when we're in a negative mood, we keep repeating tension and fear in our minds, exacerbating feelings of depression and anxiety, and it's hard to fall asleep. Anxiety can not be resolved, it is better to put yourself to sleep first. It sounds like our brain is always in anxiety at night, so how to stop anxiety and get a good rest? How to overcome anxiety before bed? Listen to the inner anxiety In order not to let the brain start to worry at night again, we have to learn to be in the daytime Slow down and give your brain enough time to worry. Maybe it’s getting up ten minutes earlier in the morning, maybe after lunch, maybe on the commute, thinking about the anxiety in your head and taking action on the worry you can deal with. Positive Self-Talk When you find yourself creating anxiety and falling into negative thoughts again and again, learn to consciously evaluate those thoughts. Instead of getting caught up in the constant fear of going wrong, proactively seek solutions to problems. Instead of blaming yourself, tell yourself "I can't control everything." Another important method is to think about the things you are grateful for before going to bed. A study found that higher gratitude is associated with better sleep, and learning to see today through a grateful lens, rather than a critical lens, will help us get better sleep.

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