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Xuzhou Anxiety: Six Symptoms of Test Anxiety

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Xuzhou Anxiety: Six Symptoms of Test Anxiety

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: 1. Emotional anxiety fluctuates greatly. A normal child, like a normal adult, is as competitive. When they face exams, like adults face major exams, their bodies are in a state of moderate tension. This moderate tension will give the client a moderate amount of stress, thereby activating his nervous system, allowing him to maintain a good level of excitement and better cope with challenges. But when this tension is excessive, there will be emotional agitation, panic, short-tempered, uncontrollable and so on. 2. Stage fright and dislike of learning. Some students feel very powerless when they think about exams, thinking that it would be fine if they don't take the exam anyway, and some students feel negative when they get the papers. This is not necessarily because you really don't want to study, it may also be because of anxiety before exams. 3. Often absent-minded and dazed in the sprint stage of the college entrance examination, the school will arrange for students to review freely. A student feels that he knows everything. He took this book a few times, and that book a few times. He couldn't calm down in his own study, he couldn't concentrate, his mind wandered, and he often "wandered his mind". He always felt that grass was growing in his heart and he was restless. He felt that it was almost the same whether he studied or not, and he wished he could finish the exam soon. Some students have serious impact on their studies because of their impetuous mentality. 4. Slow thinking, forgetfulness. Attention disorder, that is, the inability to concentrate; perceptual disorders, such as audio-visual difficulties, decreased sensitivity, and even wrong test requirements; memory disorders, that is, the things that are usually memorized, but can be remembered once they are out of the examination room; slow thinking , confusion of thinking. 5. Insomnia, loss of appetite In fact, the so-called test anxiety is that our body's tension exceeds the normal tension required to cope with the test. Therefore, on the physical side, there may be reactions such as poor sleep, loss of appetite, cold sweats on hands and feet, rapid heartbeat, muscle tension, fatigue, flu-like symptoms and even dizziness. 6. Double-check the test questions. There are also some students who fall into the sea of ​​questions because of the wrong review method and cannot get out. I am very nervous to do the questions every day, and I start to worry when I find something that I can't do. Wrong questions must be redone, right ones must be redone. Such children often feel that time is not enough. It could actually be anxiety. Anxiety disorders have a great impact on the normal performance of students before the exam, so if you have these symptoms, you must stop it, otherwise the college entrance examination may cause you to fail.

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