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Xuzhou Internet Addiction: What Are the Harms of Internet Addiction?

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Xuzhou Internet Addiction: What Are the Harms of Internet Addiction?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: 1. Strong psychological and behavioral attachment to the Internet is dominated by the activity of surfing the Internet, and surfing the Internet has also evolved into its main psychological need. The proportion of time and energy spent on the Internet has gradually increased, leading to disturbances in the personal biological clock. When you can't get online, you experience intense cravings, even irritability and anxiety, and corresponding physical and behavioral responses. After going online, things will get better. The Internet dominates their lives, attention and interest are directed only to the Internet, the motivation to work and study is weakened, and the quality of life declines. 2. Emotional indifference seems to be more indifference to netizens than to relatives with flesh and blood ties. When you are depressed online, you don't disclose it to your family and friends, hide it, and turn to the Internet to talk and vent. In addition, the network often conflicts with family members due to family members' restrictions on the Internet. 3. The scope of interpersonal communication has narrowed. Internet success often seeks high social identity, but in real life it encounters relatively more difficulties, resulting in severe social anxiety. The contrast between the ease of socializing online and the constant frustrations in real life will inevitably lead to more repetitive online behaviors. The Internet turns its interpersonal communication into a virtual cyberspace, and the real interpersonal relationship gradually becomes estranged or deteriorated, and an attitude of avoidance or confrontation is adopted to the surrounding people and the environment. In addition, the language expression ability of the network declines, and interpersonal communication is hindered. 4. Weak willpower Although the Internet can realize the harm caused by excessive Internet access and try to shorten the Internet time, it always fails. After a period of forced abstinence, people become restless and want to surf the Internet uncontrollably. Finally, addictive behaviors recur and show stronger tendencies. 5. Be deceived and become dishonest. Because of Internet addiction, parents have to control their pocket money and often lie for Internet money. In order to spend time online, deceive parents, deceive teachers, deceive schools, and deceive parents' academic performance. Theft occurs, and if it goes on like this, it may slide into the abyss of criminality. 6. Serious harm to health. Frequent Internet access leads to inability to eat on time and according to the amount, which leads to malnutrition and affects the normal development of the body. The specific manifestations are calcium deficiency, chicken breasts, looped legs, hunchbacks, arthritis of the hands and shoulders, etc. Staring at the computer screen for a long time leads to excessive consumption of retinal light-sensitive substances, resulting in decreased vision, eye pain, photophobia, and low adaptability to the dark. Often staying up late, lack of sleep, leading to disturbance of the biological clock. Specifically: listlessness and lethargy; hormone imbalance and autonomic nervous disorder in the body; anxiety and restlessness, which induce neurosis, psychosis, psychosis, etc.

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