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To the parents who have taken too many detours on the way to help their children return to school

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To the parents who have taken too many detours on the way to help their children return to school

To the parents who have made too many detours on the way to help their children return to school. Children are tired of school and leave school. They lie flat at home and play games upside down. Parents are so anxious, they seek help everywhere, and even spend a lot of money, in order to make their children get better soon. , A normal study and life, but due to the lack of rational judgment and too many wrong theories, it misleads parents and delays children. The first mistake is to suspend school. The child's grades drop. If depression or depression develops, the doctor will recommend suspension of school. The school teacher is also afraid of accidents, urging parents to go through the formalities for suspension, and saying that the child's health is more important than the grades. Well, it's not too late to study. Parents are blinded, so they apply for a leave of absence. They thought that their children would take a good rest. Who knows that the law of life is getting more and more chaotic, the state is getting worse and worse, and the next step to resume school is even more difficult. The second time to seek help is to think that taking medicine will help, and the child will take medicine and the symptoms will be relieved, but it will not really get better. The next step is some wrong operations, such as unconditional acceptance, which makes the child have no bottom line. Tell the child to do whatever they want, and how to feel comfortable. Tell parents that as long as they learn and grow, children can get better. In short, there are too many wrong theories. There are many children who are suspended from school at home. Those who cannot return to school normally after the due date have not made any adjustments. Most of them have received wrong guidance. The light is that the time is wrong after returning to school, and the serious is not going out at home for a few years. Third, many children are self-motivated. I often see some children who have dropped out of school looking for a study partner on the Internet to supervise each other. They can understand their mood, but they are basically useless. The first is that they cannot learn. If they can learn. , it will not be suspended, and second, this kind of supervision is a mere formality and cannot be effective. What can I do next, I can only play games without black and white. It is a serious problem that children are tired of school and leave school. Parents should be sober and not take chances. They should seek professional help to help children change their cognitive thinking, adjust their emotions, and at the same time guide and encourage children to actively cooperate.

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