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Escape every second counts! Earthquake Emergency Shelter Kit Must-Have Checklist

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Escape every second counts! Earthquake Emergency Shelter Kit Must-Have Checklist

There have been frequent earthquakes in recent days. Earthquakes seem to be a very common thing for us, but we must not take it lightly! It is recommended that you should take precautions and prepare an emergency evacuation kit. When a disaster occurs, you can use it and go to the evacuation place immediately. 1. Emergency food and drinking water can prepare simple food such as drinking water, biscuits, chocolate, disaster prevention food, vacuum instant food; families with infants should prepare milk powder, vacuum packaging or canned non-staple food. 2. Medical and cleaning products betadine, cotton swabs, gauze and other first aid supplies, thermometers, masks, wet wipes, sanitary napkins and medicines, etc. 3. Lightweight jackets, underwear, socks, towels, gloves (rubber gloves), raincoats, small blankets, warm bags, small sleeping bags, etc. 4. Valuables ID cards, health insurance cards, photocopies of other legal and important documents, and a little cash is required. It is best to prepare some change, because public telephones or vending machines may be used. 5. Shoes and other supplies When going out to evacuate, remember to wear shoes to prevent stab wounds from gravel and glass on the road. Other supplies can be prepared in advance such as whistle, disaster prevention map, radio, flashlight, battery, lighter, Swiss knife, power bank, charging equipment, etc.

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