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Why do doctors recommend taking CT scans during oral treatment? Does oral CT have radiation?

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Why do doctors recommend taking CT scans during oral treatment? Does oral CT have radiation?

Speaking of CT, many people are familiar with it. They all know that it is a kind of imaging examination, which can understand the situation of body organs, and it is used in the stomatology department. CT is also a commonly used examination. There are only simple teeth in the mouth. Many people wonder why oral CT is needed? Some people even think that CT has radiation, and the mouth is very small, which will make the body receive more radiation and cause harm, but this is not the case. Why do oral plastic surgery or diseases need oral CT? CT, also known as X-ray tomography, is not a direct imaging, but is reconstructed by a computer after collecting data. Since teeth are highly calcified tissues, they are the strongest organs in the body, and have the functions of chewing and assisting pronunciation. It is quite different from other tissues in the mouth and throat, so if you want to know the situation, the general doctor will recommend X-ray examination. However, after the examination, if it involves oral plastic surgery or complicated dental diseases, further CT scans are required. CT scans can clearly show the structure of the various layers of the crown, root and tooth, so that the positional relationship between the teeth and the jaw can be fully displayed, allowing doctors to judge the complexity of the disease and formulate a treatment plan. In addition, if dental implants are performed, CT can be done to understand the condition of the alveolar bone, to see if the bone density is suitable for dental implants, and to understand the condition of the roots of the teeth, to see if the roots can be preserved, and to make a plan for this. Do oral CT have radiation? Although CT has radiation, if the body receives too much radiation, it will lead to lesions of tissue cells, so oral CT also has risks. But because oral CT scans have fewer layers, patients have less exposure and a lower risk of injury than CT scans of the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. Although CT is harmful to the body, it has an irreplaceable position in the process of disease diagnosis, so it can be checked according to the doctor's guidance if necessary. But do not repeat it in a short period of time to avoid excessive radiation exposure to the body, especially children. Children should protect the thyroid and gonads when doing oral CT. The thyroid and gonads are more sensitive to radiation and are more susceptible to radiation damage. Warm reminder to inform the doctor about your specific situation and take precautions before doing oral CT. Remove metal objects worn on the body, especially metal teeth in the mouth, before the examination. Metals can affect CT scans and cause shadows, resulting in false test results. In addition, stay away from the examination room in time after the examination to avoid the machine continuing to operate and subjecting the body to excessive radiation. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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