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Gastrointestinal Digestion of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Xinxiang City

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Gastrointestinal Digestion of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Xinxiang City

In life, there are many people who are often hungry, but they are full after eating a little bit. There are various reasons for this situation, such as indigestion or disorder of endocrine and metabolic regulation, and accompanied by deficiency of the spleen and stomach. At this time, it may be easy to be hungry and full after eating. Of course, it may also be a loss of qi and blood or trace elements. In this case, it is best to choose comprehensive treatment such as traditional Chinese medicine and food supplements. [The pictures in the article are from the Internet, if there is any similarity or infringement, please contact to delete! 】More importantly, we must learn to self-regulate in our daily life. Pay attention to rest, keep warm, and drink plenty of hot water. Eat a reasonable diet, do not eat spicy and stimulating fried food, mainly eat soft and easily digestible food, you can eat more hawthorn, green pepper, tomatoes, eggs, etc., and try to eat less glutinous rice colloid food. Pay attention to the regularity of work and rest, do not overwork, supplement trace elements and calcium, exercise properly, get more sun exposure, improve immunity, maintain a good attitude, and avoid emotional stress.


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