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Depression in Xuzhou: To adjust postpartum emotions, both parents must make great efforts

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Depression in Xuzhou: To adjust postpartum emotions, both parents must make great efforts

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: After experiencing emotional ups and downs from nervousness to ecstasy and drastic changes in hormone levels, new mothers will inevitably have a psychological gap after giving birth. How to quickly adjust postpartum mood? Here are some suggestions for you. New mothers: 1. New mothers should understand the physiological changes they will experience in advance, face positive responses rationally, learn some parenting knowledge or nursing knowledge in advance, and get through this sensitive period. 2. Do proper housework and physical exercise. This can not only divert attention, no longer focus on the baby or troubles, but also allow the body to automatically generate happy elements, making the new mommy's mood happy from the inside out. 3. New mums should learn to create various conditions to let themselves sleep. Sometimes, even half an hour of sleep can put you in a good mood. Once the baby is safely asleep, new moms should hurry up to sleep, even with their eyes closed. 4. New mothers should learn to seek help from husbands, family and friends. You know, at this time, everyone is willing to help you, as long as you say it! New dads: 1. Don't turn your attention to mom just because of the baby's arrival. Talk to the new mother more and tell her about parenting experience in time to avoid confusion and tension. 2. Learn simple ways to take care of your baby and enjoy parenting time with your wife every day. Even small things make her feel that you are together. 3. Whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, you must love life after birth. Don't stress the expectations of the baby's gender, it's not fair to the mother. 4. If the mother is responsible for confinement, be sure to do a good job of balance and arrangements. Don't embarrass your wife. It is the best love and care, the bridge of communication between mother and wife.

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