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Xuzhou autism: children have these 4 symptoms, beware of autism

Time:2022-12-08 07:30:13 author:Prevent anxiety Read:378次
Xuzhou autism: children have these 4 symptoms, beware of autism

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: 1. Single-interest, stereotyped behaviors Children with autism often like to focus on one or more hobbies or games for a long time, such as going around in circles and playing tops for a long time, and they refuse to accept new games. On TV, they are indifferent to animated films, children's shows, animated films with plots. Instead, they prefer to watch commercials and weather forecasts. And such children are often more rigid and unwilling to be flexible. For example, if parents change the driving route to kindergarten, such children will not accept it and will lose their temper and cry like adults. 2. There are not many words, communication disorders. A distinctive feature of children with autism is language communication barriers. They talk very little and are so serious that they don't even want to say a word. Even when their parents called for him, he didn't respond. Some children can vocalize but not communicate with people. They can only repeat other people's voices. Some children can communicate, but the voice is low and the pronunciation is slurred. Only his parents can understand him. Some children have normal language ability in the early stage, but when they are 3 or 4 years old, their expression ability suddenly declines and they cannot communicate freely with others. 3. Slow response, self-harm and self-harm. Compared with ordinary children, children with autism are very slow to respond and even self-harm. And it is very sensitive to surrounding sounds and images. As soon as you hear the brakes of the car and the sound of the workers working, they will cover their ears or run away. 4. Love loneliness and never rely on loneliness. Children with autism do not have much dependence on their parents. They prefer to be alone and prefer a quiet environment rather than being busy. Such children are abnormal from infancy: they hate being picked up by others, and they cry desperately once they are picked up. And they don't care about the life around them, they only act according to their own mood, without any scruples, and go straight. It's hard to get their attention no matter what's going on around them, and they don't even want to make eye contact with people.


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