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Every woman must be herself first to be happier

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Every woman must be herself first to be happier

Today's program is dedicated to female listeners. A woman who understands the following 4 truths of life will have a smoother life and a more nourishing life, especially the fourth one! First, the ability to make money is a woman's greatest confidence. What can make a woman live better is never the quality of the man she marries, but her own ability to live the life she wants. Financial independence allows you not to look at other people's faces because of money, nor to be afraid of being abandoned because of money. When you encounter difficulties, you will always have one person to rely on, and that is yourself. Second, more important than economic independence is spiritual independence. Why are many women who have successful careers always bruised and bruised in their relationships? Because although they have the ability to make money, they have a huge emotional void in their spirits that needs to be filled by others. Therefore, it is more important for a happy woman to have an independent and abundant spiritual world. Of course, being independent does not mean that you cannot depend on others, but that you know how to accept and give love in a relationship. You have the confidence to love someone and the courage to let go. Your happiness comes not only from your partner, but also from your own social circle and your rich spiritual world, so that even if you are alone, you will not feel lonely. Third, it is not that the more you pay, the happier you are. Don't be too kind to others and overpay. When you please others, others will not see your goodness, but take your contribution as a matter of course. When you take back your contribution and learn to be truly good to yourself, others will Respect and cherish you. Remember, love yourself first, then love others. Fourth, be yourself. Women are born with too many "shackles" of identity. You are the daughter of your parents, the wife of your husband, the daughter-in-law of your parents-in-law, and the mother of your children. You are always required to be a good wife and mother, honor your in-laws, Take care of your husband, raise your kids, run your family, but if you've always been someone else's, who are you? You have to remember that every woman is a person first, she is herself, and then she is a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, so you have to find yourself, know yourself, love yourself, and most importantly, be yourself. No one will be your safe haven for life, but you can always protect yourself.

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