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Whether a psychologist can fly further depends on whether there are good wings

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Whether a psychologist can fly further depends on whether there are good wings

Whether psychological counselors can fly farther depends on whether they have good wings. Every day, they see many advertisements, saying that life is stressful and more and more people are suffering from mental illnesses. Psychological counseling has become a sunrise industry. Big tuyere, will be promising. Lei Jun said that, standing on the tuyere, it can fly. So many people devote themselves to the psychological counseling industry, trying to make great achievements. Pigs stand on the tuyere and can fly. The stronger the wind, the higher they can fly. The problem is, what should I do if the wind stops? Good wings, can they land safely when the wind stops. In fact, there are many psychological counselors, including some more senior psychological counselors, who are floating in the air, unable to find their way, and do not know where to land. Some psychologists who have been working for many years and have studied for a long time, but there are no clients, at least fewer and fewer clients. If you continue to work, you will see no hope and will not be reconciled. There are indeed many people who need help every day. It is also like an ant in a hot pot, unable to find a suitable psychological counselor. If you lose your way in the air, you don’t have well-trained wings, and it is the skills of psychological counseling. Because some psychological counseling theories are unscientific, there is no substantial help during counseling, and it may be more serious with more counseling.

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