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When did the autonomic nervous system become disordered?

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When did the autonomic nervous system become disordered?

When did the autonomic nervous system become disordered? If a person is said by a doctor to be suffering from an autonomic disorder, it is basically a hypochondriacal disorder, and some are called anxiety disorders. In the diagnostic criteria, it is also called somatoform disorder and somatization disorder. Now it is called health anxiety disorder, but it was called neurosis in the past. Divided into cardiac neurosis, gastric neurosis and so on. If you ask him when he has symptoms and how he is disordered, he may not be able to tell. Anyway, he is uncomfortable. At a certain time, in a certain environment, when he hears a certain news, the discomfort becomes worse, and the problem cannot be detected. don't understand. A 35-year-old man suffered from autonomic disorder for 12 years, took a lot of medicine, and stayed in a top-three hospital for more than 20 days. If you understand in detail, you can know the time and cause of his onset. You know, 12 years ago, I drank a lot of alcohol with my friends and felt very uncomfortable, so I went home to rest, lay in bed, stumbled, and suddenly felt chest tightness and shortness of breath. I felt palpitations and had difficulty breathing. I thought there was something wrong with my heart, so I called 120. My family accompanied him to the hospital, and the result was a false alarm. There was no problem. The symptoms of his autonomic disorder, just when he suddenly felt uncomfortable, thought about whether he had a heart attack, and also thought that some people died suddenly due to heart disease, high anxiety, formed at this moment, and the brain became automatic thinking , and repeated it continuously, and was tortured for 12 years. If you explain the principle of conditioned reflex to him, explain that the conditioned reflex will automatically operate after it is established, and cause symptoms for no reason, and then combine the results of the hospital examination and conduct suggestive relaxation training, it will not take long to eliminate the symptoms.


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