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How can I tell if I have depression? These 4 symptoms are all accounted for, be careful it is depression

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How can I tell if I have depression? These 4 symptoms are all accounted for, be careful it is depression

In recent years, we have always seen some news about a certain star committing suicide due to depression. It can be seen that depression is a serious mental illness with a very high mortality rate. In fact, many people have different degrees of depression, but they are not aware of it, so it is necessary to understand the symptoms of depression, so as to better prevent and treat this disease. What are the symptoms of depression? 1. Great mood swings Depressed patients will be very sensitive to some small things around them, they will feel restless because of small things, and their mood swings will be large. I'll ponder and blame myself for things I didn't do well. If you think that you don't work hard or have no ability, you will gradually lose interest in things around you, and your thinking ability and learning ability will also decline. 2. Insomnia, dreams or lethargy Many patients with depression are initially caused by insomnia, and insomnia is also the main cause of depression. Some people with depression can't sleep at night, and chronic lack of sleep can worsen the symptoms of depression. Some people with depression often have nightmares, and are often awakened by nightmares, and can't fall back to sleep after waking up. There are also some patients who always feel sleep deprivation and just want to sleep all day. 3. Weak limbs Depressed patients tend to feel exhausted, depressed, weak, and weak. The main reason is that patients with depression will have symptoms of loss of appetite after illness, resulting in malnutrition, resulting in body weight loss, general weakness, and easy fatigue. In addition, symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and body aches may also occur. 4, prone to suicidal thoughts Depressed patients always show a pessimistic and negative attitude. They are indifferent to the things and people around them and have no confidence and passion to do anything. They are reluctant to participate in social activities and always keep themselves closed. In this environment, it is always easy to have suicidal thoughts and do things that hurt yourself. How to deal with depression? Depressed patients must first learn to adjust their psychology, encourage themselves more, and don’t blame themselves when they fail to achieve some preventive goals, and don’t demand too much of themselves. Next time you might be able to do well and believe that you are the best. Also remember that you can't always lock yourself up. You need to communicate more with the people around you and go outside more often. Fresh air, people around you are full of energy, will change your perception of the world. You can also participate in some meaningful social activities, which can release your bad emotions and make yourself relaxed and happy. When the symptoms of depression are getting more and more serious, it is better to see a psychiatrist, because some symptoms are not transferred by personal will. With the help of a doctor's treatment, a person can get out of the shadow of depression. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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