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The core of mental illness - fear

Time:2023-02-01 21:56:26 author:Depression Read:789次
The core of mental illness - fear

The core of mental illness——I am afraid that there are many types of mental illnesses that I usually come into contact with, including anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hypochondriasis, phobia, depression, bipolar affective disorder, etc., as well as insomnia, weariness, and even Although there are many types of people who have dropped out of school and their symptoms are varied, the core is one word - fear. Because of fear, I am worried all day long, worry about gains and losses, and restless. Even though I look very calm, I often feel fear in my heart. As for these fears, people around them feel that it doesn't matter, and they make a fuss, so they can't understand it, and even the closest people don't understand it, which makes the patient even more painful. And these fears are really fussing, indicating that the fears are unreasonable, objective, and irrational. You can use psychological counseling to make yourself understand that what you are afraid of is actually not terrible. As long as you are really not afraid, the symptoms will disappear completely.

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