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Paranoid personality easily hurt others? 6 characteristics of paranoid type to be wary of

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Paranoid personality easily hurt others? 6 characteristics of paranoid type to be wary of

In life, everyone has their own character, and the character is different, and everyone's way of life is different. Among them, there is a kind of personality that is easy to hurt others, which is the paranoid personality. Paranoid personality, also known as delusional personality, is very sensitive, narrow-minded, jealous, and easy to do extreme things to hurt people around. So find the people around you have the following characteristics. In daily life, pay special attention to getting along with each other and try to stay away from each other as much as possible. What are the characteristics of a paranoid personality? 1. Easily irritable and irritable The paranoid personality is characterized by emotional impatience and easy anger, because he cannot control his own driving force and is easy to be impulsive. This personality disorder is not easy to change after it is formed in childhood, and it is always impulsive and even violent because of the little things in daily life. 2. Unconscious motivation Paranoid personality disorder will have unconscious or subconscious impulses, and will subconsciously attack others when interacting with people, especially when they are laughed at, they will retaliate against others because of dissatisfaction. 3. Aggressive paranoid personality is sensitive and suspicious, acts recklessly, often doubts his peers for no reason, and always feels that he is attacked and insecure. When the other party does not have any hurtful behavior, he will instead act aggressively and hurt the other party. 4. Action is capricious Because the unconscious motivation is a paranoid personality, the patient's behavior is capricious. He will have intense tension before the action, he will relax after the action, the behavior will not match before and after, but after doing something wrong, he will not feel guilty or regret. 5. Psychological Imbalance Most people with paranoid personality have psychological problems such as underdevelopment and are often psychologically unbalanced. When encountering setbacks or being rejected by others, they are more sensitive, easy to hold grudges, and always take the actions of others as their own opinions. 6. There are often bad behaviors. It is easy to have bad behaviors, even illegal and criminal behaviors, and after these behaviors occur, they do not realize their own problems, such as finding faults in public or beating people. It is also easy to be jealous because others are praised in public, and even hurt others because of jealousy. If you find that friends or family members around you have similar symptoms, you should seek medical attention in time and receive regular professional treatment. When approaching a patient with extreme personality in daily life, observe the behavior and state of the other person. If you find that your behavior is abnormal and your state is not good, you should stay away in time to avoid being attacked. Patients with extreme personalities should learn to correct their mentality, learn to trust others, and gradually put down their suspicious thoughts to gradually correct their mentality. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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