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How does schizophrenia affect the human brain, and why do hallucinations, delusions and other symptoms occur?

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How does schizophrenia affect the human brain, and why do hallucinations, delusions and other symptoms occur?

"Has hallucinations, delusions, confused speech, strange behavior..." are the most typical positive symptoms of schizophrenia patients. In talking with schizophrenics, it can be found that they can always hear or see things that ordinary people can't feel, and they will also delusion some strange things, such as saying that they are the reincarnation of XXX, or what People have some kind of special relationship and so on. What they see in their eyes and what we ordinary people observe do not seem to come from the same world. A foreign painter with schizophrenia once described the weird things she saw when she was sick. She said that when she was sick, she would see a lot of weird things, spiders with three eyes, and very evil clowns and many more. It is puzzling that these schizophrenics perceive the same things as the general public when they are in a normal state, but when they have the disease, they perceive other things that ordinary people do not feel, as if It's a switch back and forth between the two worlds.

So, how exactly does schizophrenia affect the human brain?

Relevant personnel found after research that the reason why people with schizophrenia have positive symptoms such as "hallucinations, delusions, speech and behavior disturbances", and negative symptoms such as "stunned expression, language regression, social avoidance, and physical rigidity" Symptoms are related to abnormalities in two neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, in the brain. For example, dopamine and serotonin are like "messagers"! When the dopamine levels in the brain are higher than normal, they transmit all kinds of information indiscriminately, and the brain links all kinds of jumbled information together, causing hallucinations and delusions. When the level of dopamine in the brain decreases, it weakens the transmission of pleasure signals in the brain, so negative symptoms such as dull expression and social avoidance appear. In their research, scientists found that serotonin is also involved in the "conspiracy", and the abnormal increase and decrease will aggravate various symptoms. Therefore, the current treatment for schizophrenia is mainly to adjust neurotransmitters through oral drugs, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling disease symptoms and improving the quality of life. However, how the various neurotransmitters affect the brain, and how the various neurotransmitters work in coordination, is still unclear, and further research is needed.

Can schizophrenia be cured with treatment?

For the treatment of mental diseases, the goal is to achieve clinical cure, that is, after staged treatment, the symptoms and signs of the patient disappear, there is no recurrence or recurrence, and there is no obvious discomfort, and the patient can basically return to normal life. At present, the clinical cure rate of schizophrenia is about 30%. This is mainly because on the one hand, when most people go to the doctor, their condition is already very serious and difficult to treat. On the other hand, schizophrenia itself is a serious mental illness. A kind of bad cure. Most people with schizophrenia need lifelong medication to manage their condition!

What causes schizophrenia?

For example, the cause of the new coronary pneumonia is very clear, that is, infection with this virus. However, the cause of schizophrenia is not yet clear, but it is believed to be related to genetics, abnormal brain neurotransmitters, virus infection during pregnancy, growth experience, personality, environment, and negative event stimulation. It is relatively certain that mental diseases have a certain genetic predisposition. If someone in the immediate family suffers from mental problems, the probability of their offspring children suffering from the disease will be much higher than that of ordinary people. If you suspect that you may have mental and psychological problems, or want to take a test to understand your current mental health status, you can take a scale test on the homepage, or you can take a psychological test on Enen, or consult!

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