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What's so good about sleeping naked? After reading these 4 benefits, are you excited?

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What's so good about sleeping naked? After reading these 4 benefits, are you excited?

After getting rid of the scorching summer, the vast majority of cities across the country have finally returned to normal temperatures. As autumn became stronger, many people gradually put away the summer quilts and replaced them with thin quilts. And this season, for Xiaomiao, is the most suitable time to sleep naked! Sleeping naked is so much fun! However, according to the "2019 Sleep White Paper", only 15% of post-90s like to sleep naked. It can be seen that in real life, there are still many people who have difficulty accepting naked sleeping. Such data is related to the conservative style of the Chinese people, who are not used to completely revealing their bodies. However, Xiaomiao still recommends that you try it, because the benefits of sleeping naked are too many.

What are the benefits of sleeping naked?

1. It helps to relax the whole body. Psychologically, sleeping naked gives people a sense of comfort and relaxation without restraint. It can make people fall asleep faster, and at the same time, it can better eliminate fatigue after waking up naked. Physiologically, sleeping naked increases the contact surface between human skin and air, which is beneficial to skin vasomotor contraction, regulation of blood flow, and regulation of secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands. 2. Helps lose weight Sleeping naked will allow the body to efficiently dissipate heat and maintain a lower body temperature, which forces our body to consume more fat and sugar to keep warm. A study found that in cooler environments, the white fat in the body that stores extra energy and makes us fat takes on the characteristics of brown fat, burning itself to generate heat and maintain body temperature. Although the subjects of the study were men, in theory, the same applies to both men and women. 3. Helps male fertility Under normal circumstances, sperm must develop normally in a constant temperature environment of 34 ° C ~ 35 ° C. If the local high temperature may cause the blood supply to the private parts to be blocked, the sperm motility will be weakened, and fertility will be affected. So, for men, sleeping naked can help fertility. 4. It is beneficial to women's health. Sleeping naked will make women's breasts free from restraint, which is beneficial to the blood circulation and metabolism of the breasts, and can prevent and reduce the occurrence of breast diseases. However, although sleeping naked can bring so many benefits, it is not suitable for everyone. Just like people with allergies, sleeping naked will expose the skin directly to the environment. At this time, dust and mites may cause skin allergies or asthma. After all, sleeping naked does not mean taking off your clothes and going to bed, and the environment and hygiene are also very particular.

How to sleep naked to be healthy?

1. Imagine the secret environment. If you sleep naked in a dormitory or with a lot of people, it is difficult to get a good rest, because the life of the body can easily lead to mental stress, it is best to have a good rest. A relatively private, independent environment. 2. The bed is clean and tidy. If you want to sleep naked, the bed must be clean and tidy to avoid the invasion of bacteria. It should be cleaned frequently and exposed to the sun regularly. You can maintain the frequency of changing and washing once every 2 weeks to make sleeping naked more comfortable. 3. Ensure air circulation and suitable temperature The bedroom should ensure air circulation and suitable temperature, so that you can relax and create a good sleep premise mentally, so that the effect of naked sleeping can be multiplied with half the effort. References: [1] He Yi. Did you sleep naked last night? [J]. Family Medicine: First Half Month, 2013 (3): 2. [2] Liu Defeng. Five Benefits of Male Naked Sleeping [J]. Public Health, 2020. Source | Written by Doctor Miaoshou (unauthorized reproduction is prohibited) | Source of pineapple picture | Toutiao

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