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Can kidney disease develop into uremia? What factors can affect the course of uremia?

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Can kidney disease develop into uremia? What factors can affect the course of uremia?

Speaking of kidney disease, most people think of uremia, which is a common disease at present and is the end stage of various kidney diseases. Uremia can cause complete renal failure, unable to properly metabolize toxins in the body, and even life-threatening in severe cases. Many people in life will be very anxious when they discover kidney disease, worrying that kidney disease will develop into uremia. But in fact, whether kidney disease will develop into uremia mainly depends on the following points. Whether nephropathy will develop into uremia mainly to see what points? 1. Early detection and early treatment are the golden rule for various diseases, including kidney disease. Only by detecting symptoms in time can a better prognosis be achieved. Early detection at the beginning can prevent renal impairment. If the disease duration is short and there is timely treatment, the best time for treatment will not be missed. Under normal circumstances, the disease will not continue to aggravate, and it will not develop into uremia. 2. The level of glomerular filtration rate is an important indicator for judging the recovery of renal disease. The level of glomerular filtration rate can directly reflect glomerular damage, and it can also evaluate the overall renal function through this indicator. Happening. Under normal circumstances, the degree of renal fibrosis determines whether there will be renal failure. After suffering from renal disease, the glomerular filtration rate should be checked. If the index is less than 30, it means that it is about to enter the stage of renal failure. 3. Urine protein value Urinary protein is the symptom that most kidney diseases will appear after the occurrence, and also reflects the severity of kidney function damage and the effect of disease control. Controlling the urinary protein to the normal range in the early stage can effectively prevent the development of renal fibrosis, inhibit inflammation, restore the glomerular filtration rate, and prevent renal failure. 4. The degree of renal atrophy The continued development of nephropathy is prone to renal cell necrosis, fibrosis of the kidney, and atrophy of the kidney. The size of the kidney can be assessed through the color Doppler report to judge the degree of fibrosis, and the blood flow of the kidney and the integrity of the kidney structure can also be observed. , and then take other measures to protect intact renal cells according to the degree of renal atrophy. Generally, the kidneys are not completely atrophied. After taking measures to control the rate of renal fibrosis, the rate of renal fibrosis can be slowed down, which can avoid entering the stage of renal failure. Warm reminder, not all kidney diseases will lead to kidney failure, and will be life-threatening. In addition to actively cooperating with treatment, patients with kidney disease should also do the above points regularly to understand these indicators. Once the indicators are abnormal, seek medical treatment in time to avoid persistent renal function. damage, and renal failure. In the process of treating kidney disease and preventing recurrence, it is necessary to quit smoking and drinking, maintain good living habits, and at the same time control blood pressure to prevent the continuous rise of blood pressure from affecting the kidneys. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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