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Did you fall asleep or faint? Teach you how to distinguish drowsiness and sleepiness

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Did you fall asleep or faint? Teach you how to distinguish drowsiness and sleepiness

The words lethargic go together, but lethargy is a completely different level. In the case of adequate sleep every day, still feeling tired, easy to fall asleep, always unable to wake up, etc., this is judged as lethargic. There is a big difference between drowsiness and drowsiness, which gradually develops from sleep to drowsiness, lethargy and coma. This is a gradual aggravating process, so it should be actively identified so as not to miss the opportunity for treatment. How to effectively identify drowsiness and sleepiness? 1. Sleep In the process of sleep, everyone has the ability to perceive, can be awakened by external sounds or light, etc., remember the dream last night, and the consciousness is relatively clear. Craniocerebral diseases, metabolic diseases, endocrine diseases, drugs, etc. all affect the brain, easily causing lethargy and lethargy, and in severe cases, coma. 2. Drowsiness During the process of drowsiness, the sleep is relatively deep, and the number of sleep times or time is long. It can be awakened by slight external stimuli, and can respond normally after waking up, and can also answer correct questions. However, he fell asleep again in a short period of time without external stimulation. Drowsiness can be a sign of illness, such as sleep apnea, anemia, colds, and brain disorders, and needs to be diagnosed early. 3. In the process of drowsiness, it cannot be awakened by external sounds. It requires strong stimulation to wake up the patient, such as strong stimulation of the soles of the feet, which causes pain. After waking up, he can still answer questions, but the answers are vague, the response is particularly slow, and he can fall asleep again after a few minutes. There are many reasons for drowsiness, such as drugs and acute alcoholism, narcolepsy and craniocerebral lesions, etc. You should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to avoid developing into a coma stage. 4. Comatose coma is loss of consciousness. Even painful stimulation cannot wake up the patient and cannot open his eyes spontaneously. The coma is divided into three levels. The first level is shallow coma. Although consciousness has been completely lost, there are still unconscious spontaneous movements, such as a painful expression when subjected to strong stimulation; the second level is coma without any response to stimulation; the third level is Deep coma, no evasive action or painful expression after being strongly stimulated, is often accompanied by irregular breathing, fecal incontinence, general muscle relaxation, and drop in blood pressure. Artificial mechanical ventilation and drugs must be used to ensure survival. Coma is often caused by meningitis or stroke, and may also be caused by acute poisoning, respiratory failure or traumatic brain injury. In this case, call 120 immediately. Kindly remind that no matter what kind of situation it is, it should be treated scientifically and standardized to avoid further deterioration of the condition. Do not abuse drugs in daily life, so as not to affect the central nervous system and brain, and actively correct the problems of endocrine and metabolic disorders. Once drowsiness or lethargy occurs, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out the cause. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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