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Insomnia in Xuzhou: What are the causes of insomnia?

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Insomnia in Xuzhou: What are the causes of insomnia?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: With too much pressure in life, work pressure often leads to insomnia. Insomnia seriously disturbs the daily life of patients, and preventive work should be actively done to avoid insomnia. Understanding the causes of insomnia can help us do a better job of preventing it. So what are the reasons for insomnia? 1. Insomnia caused by physical discomfort caused by changes in work or life due to environmental reasons. Changes in space, such as moving, traveling, traveling by car, boat, changes in time, such as jet lag, night shift, staying up late, etc. Other external factors, such as light, noise, etc., are short-term insomnia, and generally will automatically adapt in a short period of time. 2. Causes of Lifestyle Changes Sleep problems caused by lifestyle changes are also common. Such as drinking coffee or tea before going to bed, smoking a lot, being too hungry or too full, doing strenuous exercise before going to bed, taking too long naps during the day, etc. 3. Physical reasons Physical discomfort can also easily lead to insomnia. For example, patients with rheumatic arthralgia have difficulty falling asleep because of joint or nerve pain; patients with cardiopulmonary diseases are prone to light sleep; elderly people with degenerative brain diseases often suffer from insomnia. Patients with hyperthyroidism are prone to poor sleep quality due to heart palpitations. 4. Psychological reasons: You need to relax your body and mind before going to sleep, while excitement and anxiety can easily cause short-term insomnia, mainly manifested as difficulty falling asleep. However, mental depression or long-term anxiety disorders can easily lead to long-term insomnia, mainly manifested as inability to wake up and waking up too early. People with neurasthenia may experience anxiety about remembering the various environmental stimuli they hear or see during each period of arousal. 5. Drug Causes One of the side effects of many drugs is insomnia. Most of the drugs that cause insomnia contain aminophylline, aminophylline, or . Patients who took regular medication for a long time slept less than the average person. If they stop abruptly, they may have nightmares in their sleep due to rebound.

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