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The etiology and treatment of personality disorders

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The etiology and treatment of personality disorders

However, according to research, personality disorders mostly play a major role in the family environment during infancy and early childhood. 1. Biological factors According to the data survey, many family members and relatives of criminals have antisocial personality disorder, and the crime rate is much higher than others. Some scholars have also found that the prevalence of personality disorders in relatives and families is also higher than that of the normal population. Therefore, genetic factors cannot be ignored. 2. Psychological trauma Psychological development affects children's psychological development process. Psychological trauma has a significant impact on the development of personality, and is the main factor for the formation of personality disorders in the future. When a patient has the above-mentioned personality disorders and seriously affects their psychology, interpersonal communication and life, when the patient causes self-injury, suicide, or harm to others due to the personality disorder, the family members need to intervene in time and bring them to see a doctor. Treatment of Personality Disorders in Clinics, Psychiatry and Psychology Departments Drug treatment has not yet found any effective drugs for the treatment of personality disorders, but some drugs can improve some symptoms of patients. Family members must actively cooperate in daily conditioning. Please pay attention to the following principles: close observation and follow-up. Close observation of the disease: mainly through the patient's own psychological activities and daily behavior to observe the change of the disease, mainly to compare with the normal population and the patient's previous situation. If you feel unwell, seek medical attention in time.

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