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Causes of Anorexia Nervosa

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Causes of Anorexia Nervosa

The etiology of this disease is still unclear. Most experts believe that the occurrence of the disease is the result of a variety of factors: 1. Social psychological factors: After the age of 13, it is the fastest stage of sexual physical and psychological development. For girls who are not yet mature in sexual and psychological development, they lack sufficient psychological preparation for the development of their secondary sexual characteristics and their increasingly plump body, and are prone to fear, anxiety, shyness, and a strong desire to maintain or restore their body shape to "Slim" before development. 2 Sociocultural factors: Social pressures can seriously affect an individual's attitudes and behaviors. In modern society, slender body is regarded as a sign of ability, elegance and attractiveness, which makes low body weight favored by people. 3 Other sociological factors: In most surveys on the prevalence of anorexia nervosa, it was found that the patients mostly came from families with high social status or wealthy families; the prevalence of urban population was higher than that of rural population; The prevalence of females in private schools is higher than that in ordinary schools. 4 Susceptible qualities of individuals: often competitive, perfect, like to pursue praise, self-centered, neurotic; on the other hand, they often show immature, unstable, suspicious and sensitive, overly dependent on family, introverted, shy Wait. 5 The occurrence of this disease may also be related to certain genetic qualities. The cause of mental anorexia is believed to have a preliminary understanding after reading this article. The harm of mental anorexia is very great. , It is easy to cause physical diseases, and the damage to the psychology is also great. Therefore, it is recommended that friends should not blindly pursue the figure, and actively treat this symptom to prevent the disease from worsening.


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