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Insomnia in Xuzhou: What are the ways to regulate insomnia in life?

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Insomnia in Xuzhou: What are the ways to regulate insomnia in life?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: 1. Wash your face and feet before going to bed. Washing hands and face before going to bed can clean the skin of the palm and face, promote the blood circulation of the head, face and upper limbs, mildly stimulate the cerebral cortex, and help sleep. 2. Open the windows before going to bed. When people sleep, they also need enough oxygen to maintain the body's metabolism. Open the window for ventilation before going to bed to ensure that the indoor air is fresh and the oxygen supply is sufficient, so that you can fall asleep quickly and deeply. 3. Don't get excited before going to bed. It is a protective response of brain nerve cells during sleep, which changes from excitation to inhibition. If you are too excited before going to bed, it will inevitably affect the inhibitory process, manifested as difficulty falling asleep or dreaming after sleeping, so that the brain cannot get enough rest. So don't do strenuous activities half an hour before bed, don't play loudly, and don't watch TV or movies too late. 4. Relax before going to bed 1 to 2 hours before going to bed, you should stop intense mental and physical work and do some light relaxation activities. For example, go to an outdoor place with fresh air, walk slowly for half an hour, or play Tai Chi, do aerobic exercise, massage your back, listen to soft music, relax your brain nerves and muscles, all of which will help you fall asleep. 5. Don't eat before going to bed. When the human body is sleeping, the brain nerve cells are in a resting state, and the activity of the digestive system slows down. If you eat before bed, especially greasy food, or eat too much, it will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract. Because the stomach is full of food, the diaphragm is raised, and the chest is compressed, people will feel short of breath when lying in bed, affecting the depth of sleep. In addition, strong tea, coffee and other beverages are exciting and stimulating, and should not be taken before going to bed.

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