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Why do many people say that psychological counseling is a liar?

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Why do many people say that psychological counseling is a liar?

Why do many people say that psychological counseling is a liar? Some people suffering from mental illness are very distressed, unable to work and study normally, and cannot completely solve the problem by taking medicine. I heard that heart disease needs a heart medicine doctor, and psychological counseling can completely solve the problem, so they go to a psychological consultant, although they know the cost is not Low, but I feel that it can cure the disease, it is not painful, and it is worth spending money on a normal life. So I started psychological counseling. I couldn't find one, but it didn't work. I thought that maybe the psychological counselor was not professional enough. I was looking for a more famous one, but the result was still not good. , the trustee found a professor or an expert, and after the consultation, the effect is not good, but the cost is too high, and the anxiety may increase, and the psychological consultation is useless, and even deceptive. This situation is not an isolated phenomenon. I think there are two main reasons for this. First, some psychological counseling theories are unscientific. Some psychological counseling settings are unscientific, but they are all papers and do not focus on the core problems of the client. After the counseling, the client is in a fog and does not know where the problem is, and of course it cannot be solved. In fact, there are some psychological counselors who can help clients solve problems efficiently. Although there are not many, they can accurately find the client's problems, make scientific analysis and explanations, make convincing explanations, and give The operability, the effective plan, the actual problem of the client is not complicated, even if the patient has been sick for 40 years, it is not complicated, it is conditioned reflex, or painful automatic thinking.

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