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More than 60,000 monkeypox infections worldwide! How much do you know about this "hidden virus"?

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More than 60,000 monkeypox infections worldwide! How much do you know about this "hidden virus"?

In recent months, news about monkeypox has been swiped on major websites for many times. According to the latest report on the global monkeypox epidemic released by WHO, this "hidden virus" has appeared in 103 countries around the world. From January 1 to September 15, a total of 60,320 confirmed cases of monkeypox and 525 suspected cases were reported worldwide. Recently, Chongqing reported the first imported monkeypox case in the mainland, which made more people doubt and even panic about the sudden monkeypox outbreak. What exactly is "monkeypox", and can monkeypox be fatal? How to prevent it? In this regard, the online editor of Family Doctor interviewed Wang Jian, director of the Second Infection Department of the Eighth Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University, to answer questions about monkeypox-related issues that are currently of public concern. What is monkeypox? Why is monkeypox said to be a "close relative" of smallpox? Monkeypox is actually a zoonotic disease caused by monkeypox virus infection, which can be transmitted from animals to humans. Because each person's physical condition is different, the symptoms of monkeypox virus infection are also different. Director Wang Jian said that in general, the incubation period of monkeypox is about 5-21 days. After infection, patients will have fever, headache, muscle pain, chills, fatigue and other symptoms, as well as local lymph node swelling and blisters all over the body. Pustules. The rash symptoms usually appear 1-2 days after the swollen lymph nodes, often starting from the head and face, and then gradually spreading to the trunk and extremities. In a few severe cases, the condition can worsen or even die due to hemorrhagic herpes or other complications. Since monkeypox and smallpox belong to the same virus family and their clinical symptoms are very similar to smallpox, monkeypox is also known as a "close relative" of smallpox. Are most people susceptible to monkeypox? ——As long as the smallpox vaccine is not vaccinated, it is possible that there are two main ways of transmission of monkeypox at present, one is from animals to humans, and the other is human-to-human transmission. Judging from the recent confirmed cases around the world, close human-to-human contact is the most important mode of transmission of this monkeypox epidemic, including direct body-to-skin contact, or contact with infected person secretions. It can be spread by droplets and respiratory tract during prolonged close contact. In addition, the virus can be transmitted from the pregnant woman to the fetus through the placenta. Director Wang Jian said that because people in many places have long since stopped vaccinating against smallpox, many people lack immunity to monkeypox. It is generally believed that people under the age of 50 who have not been vaccinated against smallpox are more susceptible to the monkeypox virus. It is worth noting that monkeypox sounds related to monkeys, but in fact, monkeypox virus does not only originate from monkeys. Many rodents, including squirrels, woodchucks, etc., can transmit monkeypox. Can monkeypox be fatal? Expert: Not necessarily, most of them can be cured on their own. According to the World Health Organization, the mortality rate of monkeypox in the general population ranges from 0% to 11%. There are slight differences between different branches of monkeypox. Severe cases are common in children, Elderly and immunocompromised people. With the increase of monkeypox cases around the world, many people have expressed certain concerns, but in fact monkeypox is a self-limiting disease, and most people can recover on their own after infection. "Although there is no vaccine against monkeypox virus, the smallpox vaccine can effectively fight against monkeypox virus. According to the data released by WHO, the symptoms of the vast majority of monkeypox virus infections are mild. Effective treatment can recover in 2-4 weeks, so people don’t need to worry too much. However, it is not ruled out that some patients will develop secondary infections or complications, such as encephalitis, etc. In this case, if they do not receive standardized treatment, they may suffer Life-threatening." Director Wang Jian added. In addition, because monkeypox has a relatively low transmissibility, it is difficult to cause a large-scale epidemic. Even if community transmission occurs, isolation can effectively block the transmission path, so everyone only needs to take precautions at ordinary times, monkeypox is completely controllable. Monkeypox outbreak, how to do personal protection? 1. Stay away from the source of infection to understand relevant prevention knowledge, avoid contact with suspicious rodents, primates and monkeypox patients, and seek medical attention in time if you have suspicious symptoms. 2. Smallpox vaccination There is currently no vaccine approved for monkeypox virus in China, but studies have shown that monkeypox virus and smallpox virus belong to the same virus family, so vaccination with smallpox vaccine has a cross-protective effect on monkeypox virus infection, according to official data. 85% of monkeypox infections can be prevented after vaccination against smallpox. 3. Pay attention to diet and personal hygiene For ordinary people, they usually do not eat game, and when eating animal meat, they must be thoroughly cooked to kill pathogenic bacteria to the greatest extent. It is recommended to wear a mask when going out, maintain social distance, and avoid going to epidemic areas. For medical staff, they should avoid contact with the patient's body fluids, personal clothing, etc. without protection, and do personal protection and hygiene as required. All in all, monkeypox virus focuses on prevention. In addition to the above points, for those who have recently returned to China, if they have a history of contact with suspected monkeypox patients or hosts abroad, they should take the initiative to report to the local disease control department after returning to China. If you have suspicious symptoms such as rash, seek medical attention in time and inform your travel history to aid in diagnosis and treatment. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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