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Xuzhou Autism: What are the manifestations of autism?

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Xuzhou Autism: What are the manifestations of autism?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: 1. Loneliness, self-indulgence, communication difficulties. That is, the lack of a tendency to communicate the past and the future. Some children show this characteristic since childhood, such as not being close to their parents since childhood, disliking being hugged, not reaching out when others want to hug him, not taking the initiative to play with the child, hiding when others are looking for him to play with, not answering the phone , always like a person to move around and play. Although some children do not reject others, they do not communicate with children, that is, they lack social skills. Their loneliness is also manifested in indifference to the things around them. They seem to turn a deaf ear, turn a blind eye, and do whatever they want. What happened around them seemed to have nothing to do with him, and it was difficult to arouse his interest and attention. They seem to live in the sky's own land. In addition, their eyes do not look at each other, or even avoid each other's eyes, and their eyes wander during normal activities. They often squint, squint, or look out of the corner of their eyes, rarely smile at each other, and never say hello. 2. Most of them are intellectually backward and unbalanced. Most children have slower intellectual development than their peers, and a few children have normal or near normal intelligence. Yet it is inconceivable that some of them are surprisingly good at certain aspects of intellectual activity. Many children have strong mechanical memory, especially for words and symbols. For example, 3- and 4-year-old children especially like to read words. When they see the words, they will take the initiative to ask what to read, and they will remember it after only asking once. Because of this, his ability to read children's storybooks effortlessly and fluently shows that he has mastered a large vocabulary, but when he wants to express himself in words, he has obvious difficulties, showing that they understand and use language. Impaired ability. 3. The speech barrier is prominent, and it is difficult to communicate normally. Most children speak very little. Severe cases are silent for almost a lifetime, and the vocabulary they can speak is limited. Even when some children can talk, they often don't want to talk, preferring to use gestures instead. Some can speak, but in a low voice or repeat monotonous words to themselves. Some children will only imitate what others have said and not speak in their own language. Many children don't ask or answer questions, just repeating other people's questions. Language communication is often manifested in the confusion of pronouns, such as replacing yourself with "you" and "he". There are also many children with autism who scream frequently, sometimes for 5-6 years or more. 4. Narrow interests, stereotyped and repetitive behavior, and opposition to environmental changes. Children with autism tend to focus on one or more games or activities for a long time, such as being obsessed with rotating pot lids, monotonously placing building blocks, keen to watch TV commercials and weather forecasts, and obsessed with cartoons, children’s favorite cartoons, children’s TV and movies show disinterest. Some children eat the same food every day, go out the same route, use the same toilet to defecate, cry loudly whenever there is a change, and show obvious anxiety reactions. Unwilling to change their original habits and behaviors, it is difficult to adapt to the new environment. Most of the children also showed aimless activities, hyperactivity, monotonous repetitive jumping, clapping, waving, running, spinning, and some even self-harm, such as repeated nose picking, mouth picking, lip biting, and sucking.


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