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Xuzhou autism: how to treat autism?

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Xuzhou autism: how to treat autism?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Autism is an angel with broken wings. Autism often manifests with varying degrees of communication and language impairments, affecting not only the patient but also a family. So how do you treat autism? Autistic patients should adopt the principles of early detection and early treatment. The earlier treatment, the greater the likelihood of recovery, and the promotion of family involvement. Parents should carefully teach their children, get close to their children, bring warmth to their children, and accompany them more, which will be of great benefit to their children's recovery. It is necessary to adhere to family education as the mainstay, supplemented by drug treatment. Autism is a mental illness. To let the child out of the shadow of the disease, under the guidance of the doctor, guide the child correctly, communicate with the child more, go out often, and have more contact with strangers. For the treatment of autistic children, other diseases should also be paid attention to while training. It's best to have someone take care of yourself. To persist in treatment, persevere, have patience and perseverance, and have confidence to cure. Is autism inborn? Although the medical community does not have a clear conclusion on whether autism is congenital or acquired. In fact, autism is often born and then triggered by the environment. It is a disease of individuals with genetic susceptibility under the action of specific environmental factors. Reminder: At present, the medical community has no way to determine whether autism is congenital or acquired, but for the treatment of autism, it is still necessary to detect and treat early, and communicate with people more.

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