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Is the decision to leave school right or wrong?

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Is the decision to leave school right or wrong?

Is the decision to leave school right or wrong? Every day, many students are reluctant to go to school. They feel uncomfortable when they arrive at school. They are struggling to decide whether to take a leave of absence, what to do, and whether it will affect them badly. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of taking a break. If you don’t suspend your studies, you will feel uncomfortable at school, you will not be able to study, you will have various symptoms, and you will waste time. What do you do at home when you leave school? Just stay at home. Can you take care of it? If you just stay at rest, you will definitely not be able to take care of it well, and you will fail when you return to school. This is because students who take a break from school basically encounter difficulties in their studies. , forming a conditioned reflex of anxiety as soon as you study, and anxiety as soon as you arrive at school. This conditioned reflex will not disappear on its own, and you will fail to return to school. However, most parents will take their children to seek medical treatment, such as going to the hospital or to some psychological counseling institutions, but most of the treatment or counseling does not solve this conditioned reflex, and it is difficult to return to school. Taking children to seek help, there are also some lucky ones. They found the right psychologist and solved the conditioned reflex of the child's brain, which is to change the way of thinking. If they can learn, they can succeed in returning to school. In the end, you should find the right psychological counselor from the beginning, guide your child to receive counseling without delay, and change this wrong way of thinking. Procedures, just ask for leave. In short, for the vast majority of children, it is a very wrong decision to suspend school. To put it mildly, if the time is delayed, Zhong Deshuo may not be able to go back to school.

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