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Rebellion or depression? Ten Questions and Ten Answers About Teen Depression (2)

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Rebellion or depression? Ten Questions and Ten Answers About Teen Depression (2)

Compared with adolescent depression, the former has more typical patients and the latter has more atypical patients. Professor Rong Xinqi reminded parents that they should pay more attention to whether teenagers have the tendency of "atypical depression", and deal with and treat them in time. Today, we continue our "Common Questions Parents Have About Teen Depression" Answers! 6. Is depression an evil? Do you need someone to be surprised? I believe that many people born in the 1980s in this rural area have had similar experiences. In the past, many parents would take their children to shock them. It is common for parents to see Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to Ling, I went to find someone who was surprised. Surprise rituals have a placebo effect on parents, and doctors usually don't intervene if they don't cause harm. On the contrary, it is the view of Zhongxie. There have even been parents who used cockroach excrement for their children to eat. For such cases, doctors will come forward to persuade parents to stop inappropriate behavior. Experts call for the treatment of depression to "require both God and man". Faced with the plight of their children's depression, it is understandable for parents to seek folk treatment or spiritual help, but if they want to recover quickly, it is best to take their children to receive professional treatment. 7. Will the medicine for depression be effective as soon as I take it? Depression medicine has a certain curative effect, but also a certain course of treatment. Usually after the patient takes the medicine, the symptoms can be relieved after one or two weeks, but it does not mean that the patient is cured. After taking the medicine for a period of time (about half a year), the dosage can be slowly reduced. It takes two or three weeks for depression patients to see the effect. This period is a dark period. Parents should not rush to change doctors when they see no effect. If after two or three weeks, you still can't see the effect, you can discuss with the doctor, because the medicine is divided into the first line, the second line, and even the third line, and the doctor will adjust the medicine according to the situation. 8. Is drug therapy better than psychological counseling? Depression in the acute phase requires drug treatment, but psychological counseling is also required after the condition is stabilized. Medication and psychological counseling are used together to complement each other. Adolescents will suffer from depression, most likely because of difficulties in life. Drugs cannot solve interpersonal, homework and other problems. If you want to get out of depression, you need psychological counseling to assist. 9. The child has no symptoms of depression, can he stop the medication or stop the doctor? Some people think that only "patients" need to take medicine, and they are also worried that they will be dependent on drugs for the rest of their lives, so as soon as their depression symptoms improve, they immediately stop taking medicines and doctors. Nearly 70% of the patients will stop the consultation or stop the drug without authorization. The solution is to continue to strengthen the publicity of the medical staff, and also hope that the drug invention will be more advanced. It is best to take it once a day. Depression is a disease that is easy to relapse. It is emphasized that "doing the best to get rid of evil". During the treatment process, the patient will be good and bad. If you stop the diagnosis or drug without authorization, the treatment will not be complete, not only will you not recover, but also easy to relapse in the future. 10. Does taking antidepressants affect the mental development of adolescents? It is indeed impossible for a drug to treat depression to be completely free of side effects. As for the depth of the effect, it depends on the time and dosage of taking it. Taking it for one year is definitely different from taking it for ten years. Having said that, no one dares to stop taking medicine for high blood pressure, why do they dare to stop taking medicine for depression, because there is no immediate danger. Weighing the effect of treatment, the side effects of current depression drugs are mostly acceptable. As far as he knows, taking antidepressant drugs does affect brain power, but not taking them has a greater impact. For example, there is a patient whose IQ was 120 before he suffered from depression. When he was sick, his IQ dropped to 60. After taking medicine, it could be pulled back to 108. Weighing the weight, the benefits of taking medicine are much greater than not taking medicine. The current drugs for depression have few side effects and usually do not affect intellectual development. Some drugs also have the effect of repairing brain tissue and repairing cognitive functions (including attention, memory, etc.).

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