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How can I get my kids to like reading and learning?

Time:2022-12-08 06:56:23 author:Anxiety disorder Read:753次
How can I get my kids to like reading and learning?

How can I get my kids to like reading and learning? Many parents are distressed and do not know how to guide and educate their children, how to make their children like reading and learning. Jews have high IQs, are good at learning, can make money, and have the highest proportion of winning Nobel Prizes. When their children are born, they put honey on books. , for children to play, children feel that books are sweet since childhood, and guide children to further like reading and learning. When the child is young, such as just entering the 1st or 2nd grade, he doesn't know many words. You can take the child to the bookstore and read whatever he wants. Generally, children will read some fairy tale books with patterns. It doesn't matter, such as Zheng Yuanjie, Shen Shixi, Yang Hongying, etc. If the child finds the book interesting after reading it, he may like it, and he will guide him in other aspects in the future. Children are born with a strong desire to learn, but many parents wish that their children can grasp how much they can learn at once, criticize or even punish them if they can’t remember them. Slowly, children lose interest in learning, and children establish a painful emotional link with learning. inevitable. When children memorize, think, and do questions, they must be good at discovering their advantages, encourage them more, have continuous successful experiences, and continue to be recognized, so as to establish a positive emotional link with learning, and it is inevitable to like learning. But there is still the most critical issue, which is to cultivate children's sense of responsibility, awe, gratitude, good will, and the spirit of not being afraid of hardship. I have heard before that when children in the United States reach the age of 18, they have to support themselves, and children in Japan have to undergo harsh environmental training at a very young age, which will cultivate children's sense of responsibility and the spirit of courage to endure hardships.


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