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What should I do if I can't get down to study?

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What should I do if I can't get down to study?

What should I do if I'm always reluctant to learn? At the beginning of the new semester, many students are determined to study, but they cannot persist for a few days, at most 1 or 2 weeks, and then they start to be lazy again. This is the case every semester. Time passes little by little, but the knowledge that should be mastered is No grasp, very confused. There are two main reasons for this situation. One is that you have less successful experience in learning, you cannot get excited when you are studying, and your emotions are negative, which makes it easy to get tired. Second, the quality of will is relatively poor, and it is easy to retreat when encountering difficulties. In fact, every child has a good idea. A high school girl with average grades. At that time, her grades were not enough for the second exam, and she was not willing to take the third exam, so she accepted psychological counseling. During the counseling, she was not very good at mathematics. Well, for problems that can only get passing grades, break through from mathematics, explain the principle of conditional weariness, explain the reasons why students are not in the state of learning, how to adjust their emotions, use the principles of three types of knowledge to solve problems, and guide students through the questions. To discover the hidden conditions from the known conditions, the students felt a sense of it all at once. In more than an hour, they did a lot of questions that could not be done before, and their emotions were very positive. I asked her, does your mother say you are lazy at home, she said, my mother says that I am lazy every day, think about it, I will not, always will not, I am irritable, can you be diligent? Adjust the emotions of learning, through the experience of success, let the learning and positive emotions establish a connection in the students' brains, and constantly strengthen the children's will quality, sense of responsibility, grades will be steadily improved, the state will be getting better and better, and learning can be long-term Stick to it.

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