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Zhao Zhizhen: "On Wearing a Mask" - A New Attempt to Integrate Media Books

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Zhao Zhizhen: "On Wearing a Mask" - A New Attempt to Integrate Media Books

"Walking About Wearing Masks", edited by Zhao Zhizhen and Zou Qian, published by Changjiang Children's Publishing House in June 2022 When shopping, most people have encountered the "buy one get one free" discount, but you have encountered buy one get two free, Send three, send four? How about buying a bike, getting a motorcycle for free, plus a sedan, SUV, and RV? Our book "Walking About Wearing Masks" is trying to do just that. "Walking About Wearing Masks" is a small book containing popular science knowledge, operation guidelines and humanistic thinking about masks. It is very thin, with only 72 pages in the text. If you flip through it in your hand, you may be able to see everything in ten minutes. But what you see is just the "tip of the iceberg". The 19 QR codes scattered in this book are the "secret organs" that are deeply pregnant and treasure treasures. Over the years, QR codes have been seen everywhere in various books, and are sometimes regarded as fashion labels and gimmicks. The standard we set for QR codes is that we must "scan something" and "scan it to be beneficial", otherwise it will become "electronic psoriasis" that is "killing". The QR code of "Talking about Wearing a Mask" can scan the 27-minute video of the popular science film "Talking about Wearing a Mask" of the same name. This program has won the only national outstanding popular science feature film award selected by the National Health Commission in 2020; Sweep out the English version of the video "Come Talking about Wearing a Mask" that was translated and edited by CCTV North America. In addition, about the bird's beak mask, the overview of the 1910 Northeast Rat Plague, and the 1918 global flu; about the mechanism of coughing, sneezing, droplets, aerosols, non-woven fabrics, meltblown cloth, and electrets; about N95 masks, The basic knowledge and industry standards of medical surgical masks are displayed and described with 360 precious pictures through QR codes. When we wrote "Walking About Wearing Masks", we were deeply moved by the noble character and historical merits of Wu Liande, the founder of China's epidemic prevention and quarantine undertaking. And I have collected a lot of Wu Liande's literature, but I can't take up too much ink in a short popular science film, which is a pity. So I thought of asking the QR code for space and finding a layout. This is a QR code with high gold content. With one scan, you can not only browse 73 pictures of Wu Liande and the Northeast Great Plague, but also download 4 electronic books about Wu Liande, they are: "Harbin Fujiadian" Photographs of Epidemic Prevention, 75 pages, this is the information that Wu Liande sent to each delegate when he chaired the Universal Plague Research Society in 1910; "The Manchurian Plague Prevention and Control Work Memorial Book", 500 pages, is the 9th Far East Medical Conference on Tropical Diseases held in Nanjing in 1934 Wu Liande's first published book; "Anti-epidemic Fighter-An Autobiography of a Contemporary Chinese Doctor", 705 pages, is an autobiography published by Wu Liande in Cambridge University, UK in 1958; "Chinese Medical History", 993 pages, written by the ancestors of Chinese medicine Wang Jimin and Co-written by Wu Liande, published in 1934 by Shanghai State Quarantine Bureau. It is the pioneering work and classic work in the study of Chinese medical history. Although these books are all public editions, they are also rare "rare books", and it is very difficult to obtain them. Now, in "Walking About Wearing Masks", it is "sweeping away". For researchers, it is good news worth "running to tell", right? That's how I got the "buy one get four free" sigh. Just as smartphones don't have to be ashamed in front of "big brothers", media fusion books don't need to be contemptuous in front of "big books". The key also depends on the amount of information and cost performance. A friend joked that the high-end housing in Beijing and Shanghai is about 150,000 yuan per square meter. A bookcase covers an area of ​​half a square meter and holds about 300 books, and the "storage fee" for each book is 250 yuan. "Man Talking About Wearing a Mask" is only 1 cm thick, but it can hold a 2,300-page masterpiece, which can be described as a veritable "accumulation". The area of ​​​​the bookcase has not increased, but RongMedia Books stores the vast volumes in the "cloud", and your bookcase can also "tower into the clouds". (The author is the director of popular science TV and the former director of Wuhan TV)


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