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alert! Stopping medication for bipolar disorder may cause symptoms to recur

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alert! Stopping medication for bipolar disorder may cause symptoms to recur

Original article, misappropriation must be investigated If you feel very excited and motivated for a period of time, and suddenly become depressed and depressed after a period of time, beware of the upper body of bipolar disorder. Both bipolar disorder and depression are mental illnesses. The difference is that the biggest feature of bipolar disorder is that most patients will combine mania and depression at the same time, while depression is dominated by depression. During the manic phase, the patient will experience high mood swings, irritability, thoughts and jump-thinking, and may even act in ways that hurt themselves and others.

Discontinuation of medication for bipolar disorder may cause symptoms to recur

Most people with bipolar disorder develop symptoms around age 30. It is easy to affect work and life, but it can be controlled by taking medicine. During the stable period, the brain function of the vast majority of patients with bipolar disorder can be restored to the state before the onset of the disease, but it is also easy to cause the patient to take it lightly, reduce the compliance and persistence of the medication, and even stop the medication without authorization, causing the disease to re-emerge. relapse. Statistics have shown that patients with bipolar disorder who discontinue drug treatment are five times more likely to relapse than those who adhere to drug treatment. The more a person with bipolar disorder resists treatment, the faster the disease progresses and the more difficult it becomes to treat, like entering a vicious circle. If the patient develops refractory bipolar disorder due to drug withdrawal and relapse, surgery is recommended when drug treatment is basically ineffective. Neurosurgery experts believe that there is an emotional circuit system in the limbic system of the brain, which is the structure most closely related to emotional activity in the brain. Once the nerve nuclei in the emotional circuit are abnormal in information transmission, the patient's spirit will be confused. . At the same time, a large number of neuroanatomical and electrophysiological studies have also confirmed that the nerve nuclei of the limbic system have different neural functions. Therefore, the functional neurology department of our hospital uses stereotaxic technology to send specific electrodes to specific targets of the neuropathological circuit, so that the nerve cells at the contact site can undergo radiofrequency ablation or inhibition, which can effectively control the abnormal conduction of neuropathic impulses, thereby removing the The patient has abnormal psychiatric symptoms. Basic information of the patient: Huang, female, 36 years old, unmarried, currently living with her mother Past medical history: In 2006, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder due to "alternating episodes of depression, excitement and tantrums", and was hospitalized for oral administration of lithium carbonate and other drugs. getting better. After being discharged from the hospital, Huang thought that he was cured, despite the doctor's objection to stop the drug, the symptoms recurred again, sometimes excited, high mood, no need to sleep, feeling good about himself, increased social activities, splurge on online shopping, increased libido, and babbled that there were people around him. Ghost, beat and scolded parents, throw things; sometimes depressed, feeling depressed, indifferent to family members, unwilling to go out to contact people, feel that life is meaningless, once took a bottle of lithium carbonate to commit suicide. After that, Huang was forced to be hospitalized for 8 times, but the curative effect was not satisfactory. The manic phase and the depression phase still appeared alternately, and the frequency of the alternation was getting higher and higher. The hospitalization process: In 2022, Huang's parents took her to the functional neurology department of our hospital. After examination, evaluation, and multidisciplinary expert consultation, it was confirmed that Huang had refractory bipolar disorder, and her physical conditions met the surgical standards. The fifth generation of brain stereotaxic neuromodulation was performed on 11th, and the operation took about four hours. Postoperative improvement: Huang Mou stated that he was in a low mood before the operation, was short-tempered and irritable, often quarreled with his family members, and even beat his family members. After the operation, his mood improved. After returning, she said that she could help her mother with housework after being discharged from the hospital, such as sweeping the floor, washing clothes and cooking. The video is loading... Therefore, if a patient with bipolar disorder needs to reduce or stop the drug, he should consult the attending doctor first, and inform the doctor in charge of the latest progress of the disease, and the doctor will decide whether or not according to the patient's condition. It is necessary to adjust the medication plan. Remember not to stop or reduce the medication without authorization, which will increase the risk of recurrence!

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