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There is no need to use drugs to improve men's "combat power", 5 methods may make you more "brave"

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There is no need to use drugs to improve men's "combat power", 5 methods may make you more "brave"

Every man pays special attention to "combat effectiveness", but with age, related organs gradually decline, androgen secretion decreases, and "combat effectiveness" also gradually declines. Therefore, many men will increase "combat effectiveness" on aphrodisiac drugs, but The effect is not very ideal, but it is harmful to the body. It is not difficult to improve "combat power", just do the following points. What methods can improve "combat effectiveness"? 1. Adequate sleep Staying up late not only affects mental state and skin, but also reduces desire. The body's repair and synthesis reactions are completed during sleep, and the same is true for male hormones. Often staying up late can consume male hormones, affect the metabolism and synthesis of estrogen and male hormones, reduce male desire over time, and lead to erectile dysfunction. 2. Moderate exercise Reasonable exercise can strengthen the body, enhance muscle strength, fight fatigue, perform better in married life, and prolong the time. The optional sports include squats, jogging, swimming and playing ball, etc., which can improve the muscle strength of the legs and the strength of the lower limbs, thereby strengthening the function of related organs and promoting the secretion of hormones. 3. When doing levator ani exercise, it is necessary to do levator ani exercise, that is, regular contraction and relaxation of the anus, which can improve local venous blood return, reduce the problem of prostate congestion, promote inflammation subsidence, and be beneficial to the recovery of prostate disease; at the same time, it can enhance the "combat power". 4. Regular married life Maintaining regular married life can prevent the decline of related organs. The number of married life times a week reaches 2 to 3 times, which not only makes the body and mind happy, but also improves "combat effectiveness" and increases the emotional intimacy of husband and wife. 5. Reduce sedentary sedentary, crossed legs when sitting, etc. Continuously oppress the perineum, increase local temperature, hinder blood circulation, easily cause blockage of prostate gland ducts, make prostate gland fluid excretion poorly, and then lead to chronic prostate cancer Congestion, increase the risk of prostatitis, and reduce "combat effectiveness". Therefore, the sedentary time should be reduced. Every time you sit for a while, you should stand up for a few minutes and gradually get rid of the bad habit of crossing your legs. 6. Proper calcium supplementation will also affect bone metabolism. Calcium deficiency can easily lead to disorder of bone metabolism, reduce osteocalcin levels, and easily cause general weakness, fatigue, back pain and cramps, etc., thereby reducing "combat effectiveness" and Fertility, therefore, calcium supplementation should be appropriate, and the daily calcium intake should reach 800-1000 mg. It is a warm reminder that chronic diseases can affect "combat effectiveness", especially high blood lipids, diabetes and high blood pressure, which can easily cause erectile dysfunction. Therefore, chronic diseases should be actively prevented and controlled. Maintain a normal body weight, with a body mass index of 18.5 to 23.9, and a waist circumference of no more than 85 cm. Quit smoking and drinking as soon as possible, maintain a peaceful mind, communicate and communicate more between husband and wife, and actively seek medical attention if necessary. Family doctor's online special, please do not reprint without authorization #HeaderCreationChallenge#

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