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Will it get hard with frequent hands? Soft work is mostly related to 4 points, one trick to help you be tough

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Will it get hard with frequent hands? Soft work is mostly related to 4 points, one trick to help you be tough

Xiao Li, who called himself a golden bachelor until last year, has a stable job, good looks and good health, but he has never even held a girl's hand when he is over 30 years old. But happiness came very suddenly. After persistent blind date, Xiao Li found his current lover. The two of them were sweet as a honeypot together. When they saw it, everyone around them would sigh, "Xiao Li is really a thousand-year-old iron tree that doesn't bloom. It's 10,000 years from the beginning!" But when the relationship between the two was about to "go further", Xiao Li fell off the chain, he was very annoyed, he was obviously strong, how could he still not be strong? Recalling the past living habits, is it related to the fact that I often "solve it with my hands"?

Will it be hard to get up with frequent hands?

Studies have shown that excessive hand Y (over 2 years, frequency ≥ 3 times/week) is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction (ED), and whether there is an "inevitable" link between hand Y and ED, And whether excessive use of hands can lead to the progression of ED, there is no clear conclusion. But in general, avoiding excessive use of hands can be effective in slowing the progression of ED.

In addition, the occurrence of ED is closely related to these four major factors

1, diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, renal insufficiency, endocrine disease , hyperlipidemia, other cerebrovascular diseases and neurogenic diseases all have a certain impact on the sexual function of patients. Among them, erectile dysfunction caused by cardiovascular disease and diabetes had the highest incidence. In addition, the incidence of ED is higher in patients with schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and other mental and psychological diseases. 2. Drugs such as antihypertensive drugs, cardiovascular drugs, central tranquilizers, antidepressants, anti-peptic ulcer drugs, hormones and related drugs, cytotoxic drugs, and anticholinergic drugs have a certain impact on the occurrence of ED. 3. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcoholism, obesity, and frequent insomnia all have a certain impact on male sexual function. In addition, factors such as bad sexual life experience, cultural background, religious belief, and family relationship are all related to the occurrence of ED. certain relationship. 4. Other factors Spinal and pelvic trauma, lower abdomen and perineal surgery also have certain influence on male sexual function. (Radical prostatectomy, urethral repair, transurethral prostatectomy, etc.)

If ED occurs, how can it be improved? Timely treatment is the most appropriate

With the continuous progress of ED research, there are many effective treatment methods to choose from. Among them, selective PDE5 inhibitors are the first-line clinical drugs for the treatment of ED. They are safe, effective and convenient. The advantages received by the majority of patient preferences. Among them, Lansu tadalafil tablets are represented, which can not only be taken by patients according to the doctor's order according to the course of treatment or on demand (taking on demand can improve erectile function for up to 36 hours), but also free from eating and moderate drinking. Influence, easy to take.

Tadalafil is mild, but not for these 4 groups!

1. People who are allergic to any component of the drug; 2. People who are taking any form of nitrate drugs (regular or indirect); 3. Patients who are using GC stimulators (such as riociguat) 4. Patients with heart disease within a certain period: myocardial infarction within at least 90 days; unstable angina pectoris or angina pectoris during sex; heart failure within the past 6 months (New York Heart Association grade 2 or higher grade); uncontrolled arrhythmia; hypotension (<90/50mmHg) or uncontrolled hypertension; stroke within the past 6 months. [Reference][1] He Binglin, Fan Junhong, Gao Guangqian, et al. Analysis of risk factors related to the progression of erectile dysfunction in adult males [J]. Journal of China Medical University, 2021, 50(10): 894-898. DOI: 10.12007/ j.issn.0258-4646.2021.10.006.[2] Xin Zhongcheng. Research progress of erectile dysfunction[J]. Contemporary Medicine, 2001,7(11):30-33.DOI:10.3969/j.issn.1009-4393.2001 .11.007. Source | Written by Doctor Miaoshou (reprinting is prohibited without authorization) |

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