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Nanchang Erqi Hospital is a specialized hospital for mental illness

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Nanchang Erqi Hospital is a specialized hospital for mental illness

Nanchang Erqi Hospital is located at No. 513, Erqi North Road, Donghu District, Nanchang City. The hospital has beautiful environment, convenient transportation, superior geographical location, elegant environment and strong cultural atmosphere. It is a three-level standardized specialized hospital with internationalization and modern characteristics. The hospital inherits the resolute red revolutionary spirit, always bears in mind the entrustment of history, and comprehensively promotes the development of mental health in Jiangxi and even the whole country, so that the clinical medical level of the hospital is in line with international standards, leading the international advanced diagnosis and treatment, and serving the people. We are committed to making contributions to safeguarding the health of mentally ill patients in Jiangxi and surrounding areas and promoting the development of mental science. The hospital is not only a regular hospital of a medical unit under the Nanchang Municipal Health and Health Commission, but also approved and designated by the Nanchang Municipal Health and Health Commission: Mental Health Intervention - Designated Service Center, which provides professional services, designated, designated, and interventional services for patients with mental and psychological diseases. treatment center. Treatment professional norms, open and transparent fees, in line with national standards. State-approved regular professional hospital, Nanchang University affiliated medical unit, Nanchang mental hospital technical cooperation hospital, professional standards, strictly in accordance with the regulations of the Price Bureau, there is no excessive consumption.

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