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Member of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association Psychiatrist Branch - Dr. Mei Xiufang

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Member of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association Psychiatrist Branch - Dr. Mei Xiufang

Mei Xiufang, a specially-appointed expert in the Department of Psychiatry, has been engaged in clinical treatment and scientific research for more than 40 years and has rich clinical experience. During his medical career, he has long adhered to the research on the treatment of mental and psychological difficult diseases, and has published more than 10 academic papers in authoritative journals. The scope of Dr. Mei Xiufang’s diagnosis and treatment includes depression, anxiety, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, tics, mania, autonomic disorder, child development, adolescent psychology, alcohol addiction, dizziness, headache, mental and psychological disorders, and paranoia. etc., knowledge popularization, case analysis troubleshooting, etc. When encountering difficult/rare cases, actively conduct literature search to establish files, contact multiple parties for consultation if necessary, make correct diagnosis and reasonable treatment plan for patients, and insist on case follow-up. She has relieved the pain of hundreds of thousands of mentally ill patients and brought new life and happiness to countless families. In the daily front-line work, he has always been strict with himself, read the classics of domestic psychiatry, learned from the strengths of other schools, strengthened his own medical theory and practice ability, and was good at formulating comprehensive treatment plans to overcome the drawbacks of drug treatment for mental and psychological diseases. , to promote an early and comprehensive recovery of the patient. Its rigorous medical ethics and superb medical skills are highly praised by patients and their families, and are deeply trusted and praised by patients in all provinces, cities and regions across the country.

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