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The 36-year-old male singer died of oral cancer. It was too late to persuade netizens to stay away from betel nut

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The 36-year-old male singer died of oral cancer. It was too late to persuade netizens to stay away from betel nut

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, domestic male singer Fu Song passed away due to illness at the age of 36. From the data, Fu Song participated in the talent show and made his debut, and won the most popular male singer of the Guangzhou pop music year with "Singing and Crying". Fu Song may not have a high reputation when he was alive, but the news of his death was on the hot search on Weibo, and his untimely death also sounded the alarm for many people. According to reports, Fu Song's death was due to oral cancer. He was diagnosed with oral cancer in 21 years due to a tumor on his face. He was subsequently admitted to the hospital for treatment, and he shared his anti-cancer experience through vlogs. In June this year, he updated his vlog for the last time and revealed that the oral cancer had recurred three times, and he also showed his wounds to netizens, and the entire left face festered. In the film, Fu Song said that he had oral cancer because he loved chewing betel nut before, and now his biggest wish is to sleep well at night without pain. He also advised netizens who like chewing betel nut not to take chances and stay away from betel nut. After the news of Fu Song's death came out, some friends also mourned: "May he have a good journey, and may he live in another world without betel nut, pain, and cancer." So, why does betel nut cause oral cancer? Oral cancer is a general term for malignant tumors that occur in the oral cavity, including gum cancer, tongue cancer, soft and hard palate cancer, jaw cancer, etc., as well as cancers that occur in the facial skin and mucous membranes. The risk factors associated with oral cancer include long-term smoking and drinking, poor oral hygiene habits, long-term foreign body stimulation, and poor influence. Among the causes of oral cancer, one thing is particularly prominent, that is, long-term chewing of betel nut. Betel nut is the dried and mature seeds of the palm plant areca nut, which contains areca alkaloids. If this harmful substance is often in contact with the oral cavity, it will stimulate the oral mucosa and cause oral inflammation, thereby increasing the incidence of oral cancer. On the other hand, betel nut is hard in texture, and it will damage the oral mucosa when chewing and eating, and it is also easy to induce oral cancer. At present, betel nut has been identified as a first-class carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a subsidiary of the World Health Organization. Medical studies have found that chewing betel nut can increase the risk of oral cancer by 8.4-9.9 times. In addition, many people also smoke and drink while chewing betel nut. I believe many people have heard of the folk saying that "with betel nut and wine, the more you drink, the more you drink; when you add betel nut and smoke, you can beat the gods". serious damage, and the risk of oral cancer increases exponentially. Fu Song can say that his pain left netizens the last warning. He definitely can't get all those who love betel nut to quit betel nut from today, but even if only one person can stop following his footsteps because of this, I believe it is also for him. Best consolation. What else can we do to prevent oral cancer? To prevent oral cancer, you first need to get rid of bad habits, such as chewing betel nut, smoking and drinking alcohol, etc. Even if you cannot completely quit betel nut temporarily, you should reduce the frequency of chewing food, and do not eat with tobacco and alcohol. Secondly, a good oral hygiene environment should be maintained, the teeth should be brushed frequently and the residual roots and crowns of the teeth should be removed in time. If you need to wear dentures, you should ensure that the dentures are in good condition. If you find that the tissue under the dentures is painful or inflamed, you should seek medical attention in time. It is also necessary to maintain a balanced diet and conduct regular oral examinations. If you find that oral ulcers are not healed, the pain is obvious, or the oral mucosa becomes rough, thick or induration, and oral leukoplakia, erythema, etc. appear, you should visit as soon as possible. The hospital made a definite diagnosis. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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