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Zhao Tao, Chairman of Buchang Pharmaceutical: Give back to the society with every action

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Zhao Tao, Chairman of Buchang Pharmaceutical: Give back to the society with every action

Introduction Zhao Tao, a private entrepreneur and chairman of Buchang Pharmaceutical, always said, "Real entrepreneurs must have a strong sense of social responsibility. They must be on the front line at critical moments, assume social responsibility, and use one point at a time. Give back to the society with our actions." At the end of 2021, the epidemic swept the ancient city of Xi'an. After Zhao Tao learned the news, he quickly notified the company to expeditiously produce anti-epidemic drugs, and cooperated with the Shaanxi Red Cross Society and Shaanxi Huashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Urgently send the medicine to Xi'an. In the face of the epidemic, Zhao Tao has fulfilled his responsibility as a revolutionary entrepreneur, carried forward the spirit of "love his hometown and dedicate his love", and did his best to prevent and control the epidemic in Xi'an. As an entrepreneur with a strong sense of social responsibility, Zhao Tao has always exerted his own advantages and influence in the fields he is good at, shouldering the social mission of an entrepreneur, and making selfless contributions on the road of charity and public welfare. Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in 2019, Zhao Tao has used traditional Chinese medicine as a breakthrough, used his own corporate advantages, quickly devoted himself to the research and development of anti-epidemic drugs, and actively made scientific research contributions to the battle against the epidemic. As an entrepreneur of the Revolutionary Revolution, Zhao Tao practiced the original intention of "the benevolence of doctors and the responsibility of large enterprises" with practical actions. Giving back to the society with actions In Zhao Tao's view, after a company grows rapidly, it should dedicate some of its funds to charity, and use the influence of charity to drive more people. This is also one of the important forms of achieving common prosperity in the society. . "One Heart • Forging Chinese Hearts" is Zhao Tao's charitable activity. Over the years, the activity has spread all over the country's five Tibetan regions, 13 prefectures, prefectures, cities, and more than 50 counties. Under the leadership of Academician Zhang Boli, Academician Gao Runlin, Academician Wang Longde, Academician Huang Luqi, Academician Chen Xiangmei, Academician Lang Jinghe, Academician Chen Kaixian, Academician Han Yaling, Academician Dong Jiahong, etc., 32,000 experts and professors from more than 400 hospitals across the country and more than 20 disciplines It has provided medical assistance to 560,000 people. "Children's congenital heart disease" screening reached 27,750 people, 2,171 people were diagnosed, and 1,830 people had free surgery; more than 100 children with cerebral palsy received free surgery; more than 500 people were screened for rheumatoid osteoarthritis; More than 9,500 people; 11,339 people were screened for hepatic cysticercosis; set up four health colleges and health lecture hall training points, and formed a professional medical education training team led by 17 disciplines, 11 academicians and leading talents in related disciplines; The district women's health assistance project has built more than 30 bathrooms for mothers; organized more than 450 training sessions and trained 150,000 local medical personnel and farmers and herdsmen. ......This charity event after another has helped tens of thousands of compatriots in Tibetan areas and won the China Charity Award. "Auspicious Diqing Healthy China" 2019 Concentric·Jointly Cast China's Heart Diqing Tour Large-scale Charity Donation Ceremony Arrived in Beijing, the public welfare project for treatment and Zhao Tao conducted free clinics for ethnic minority compatriots in the activity of “Sharing the Heart of China Together”. For many years, “Sharing the Heart Together” has been promoting rural economic efficiency, increasing the income of low-income people, The implementation of medical assistance and other fields has effectively brought and helped the rich, and provided long-term and continuous support, which reflects that enterprises should do their best to fulfill their responsibilities. Buchang Pharma has never forgotten its original intention, and knows that only by hiding wealth in the people is the real wealth. Therefore, it actively responds to national policies and is committed to the development of public welfare undertakings. In the face of the new call of the new era, while considering its own interests and corporate economic benefits, Buchang Pharma has been actively involved in poverty alleviation, achieving the goal of "helping the rich before becoming rich", actively exploring new ideas to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, and innovating targeted poverty alleviation. Form; make full use of the advantages of the enterprise, proceed from the actual situation, enter the villages and households, and make precise efforts; start with technical assistance, employment assistance, and donation assistance, and through the development of the "Co-creating the Chinese Heart" activity, solve the heart and brain in poverty-stricken areas. The prevention and treatment of vascular diseases, improve the health status of the people in the western region, and promote the development of medical and health care in the region. "Big business should look big". As part of a private enterprise, Buchang Pharma is the winner of development dividends. Buchang Pharma "takes from the society and gives back to the society", shoulders a sense of social responsibility that matches its own size, and creates sustainable social value. It is the aspiration of the people to do our best to promote common prosperity. Patriotism, innovation, social responsibility and other good characters have always flowed in the blood of Buchang. On the one hand, the company responds to the call of the state, assists public welfare and charity, improves the well-being of more people, creates opportunities, and realizes a transition in the quality of life. On the other hand, it has also increased technological innovation, accelerated the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, and contributed to China's sustainable development. These measures effectively reflect the social responsibility of the company. Buchang Pharmaceutical will also give full play to the subjective initiative of the company in the three distributions, continue to explore the aspects of enhancing social well-being and helping common prosperity, and help the whole society to achieve common prosperity with charity and public welfare. (Financial News Network)

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