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Nanchang Erqi Hospital Professional Treatment Psychiatry Department

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Nanchang Erqi Hospital Professional Treatment Psychiatry Department

"Starting from a specialist, the hospital's positioning is to make the common people willing to see a doctor in a specialist hospital. No matter in terms of technology or service quality, it can be fully guaranteed, improve the patient's experience in the hospital, reduce medical costs, and improve the level of diagnosis and treatment." Nanchang Er Introduced by the director of the seven hospitals. In order to give the common people a better choice for medical treatment, Nanchang Erqi Hospital has chosen to create a specialized hospital model of "universal specialty, small comprehensive". With psychiatry, clinical psychology, and pediatrics as the core focus to establish departments, internal medicine, surgery, traditional Chinese medicine and other multi-disciplinary auxiliary development. Adhering to the concept of "compliance, cooperation, sharing, and win-win", it provides high-quality, personalized and professional medical services, and is committed to building a "professional brand of mental and mental diseases in Jiangxi Province". Our hospital has three unique inspection programs. The only one is the sixth-generation comprehensive analysis equipment for brain function that our hospital just introduced last year. It is specialized in comprehensive inspection, diagnosis and evaluation of mental and psychological diseases such as insomnia, depression, schizophrenia, etc. The degree allows you to clearly know where the problem is, how many problems there are, how big the problem is, and the development trend of the problem. See a doctor clearly. Avoid double checking, over checking, unnecessary checking. The only service available (1) 30-minute consultation system for specialists: in our hospital, each patient has at least 30 minutes of consultation time; ask questions directly from experts, listen to experts analyze their conditions, and analyze treatment plans; avoid queuing for 1 hour in ordinary hospitals, See a doctor for 5 minutes, go through the motions. (2) Scheduled appointment system for seeing a doctor: Registering to see a doctor in different time periods, patients do not line up, do not wait, and do not delay when they go home on the same day; (3) 90-day curative effect tracking: our hospital has a complete health management system for medical treatment, and experts are timely Track the treatment effect, master the progress and actual effect, optimize the treatment plan, and feel more at ease. The only subsidy If you visit our hospital’s caring outpatient clinic on Wednesday and Saturday, the hospital directly subsidizes a certain percentage of the difficult patients, such as registration fee, examination fee, treatment fee, filing fee, etc. Let's save money that shouldn't be spent.

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