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Nanchang Erqi Hospital Distinguished Expert in the Department of Psychiatry - Dr. Mei Xiufang

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Nanchang Erqi Hospital Distinguished Expert in the Department of Psychiatry - Dr. Mei Xiufang

Mei Xiufang, a specially-appointed expert in the Department of Psychiatry, has been engaged in clinical treatment and scientific research for more than 40 years. She is a member of the Psychiatrist Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, a member of the Psychiatry and Psychology Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Institution Association, and a member of the Chinese Society of Integrative Medicine. She has been committed to depression. He has extensive clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various psychiatric disorders such as anxiety disorders, insomnia, and schizophrenia. During his medical career, he has long adhered to the research on the treatment of mental and psychological difficult diseases, and has published more than 10 academic papers in authoritative journals. Patient's self-report: When I was about 18 years old, I suddenly felt that I was labeled as "mentally unstable", "obsessive-compulsive disorder" and "cleanliness". At that time, I just simply loved cleanliness and repeated some simple things. Later, it gradually escalated to insomnia, sleepwalking, anxiety, and I would increasingly force myself to repeat some behaviors. If I didn't do it, I would feel restless, have difficulty breathing, and my head was empty. Until today, it has begun to affect the brain. , Difficulty concentrating, hearing loss, listlessness, migraine headaches, memory loss. On the way, I saw a psychiatrist several times. The reasons for this were mostly family factors. My father was not enough to take care of the family, lost his temper, domestic violence, and my father reorganized the family. I didn’t pay enough attention to the condition, I felt that I was fussing about the problem, and the symptoms became more and more serious. Going to the doctor at the age of 24 has become a bit futile. No medicine or counseling can help. I have tried many other medicines over the years. Most of them have side effects on the same day. Doctors have seen many, one is more professional than the other, but none of them can prescribe the right medicine. It went on like this for half a year, and my friends all chose to avoid me when they saw me like this. I didn’t feel any fluctuations in my heart. They probably regarded me as a mental illness, and it didn’t matter. Until one day, Fa Xiao suddenly came to my house and asked me to find an expert for me. My first reaction was to resist, and then I suddenly felt warm in my heart. He still remembered that I had a disease. But I thanked him anyway, I don't trust the doctor anymore. About a week or so, he came again. The institute has already made an appointment for me. It is Professor Mei Xiufang from Nanchang Erqi Hospital. He has 40 years of clinical experience. When I was really moved, I followed it up. The first diagnosis was not unexpectedly severe depression, but the doctor said that it was just at this stage and told me not to worry. He said that now the medical equipment has been upgraded a lot compared with previous years, including RTMS transcranial magnetic therapy, ECT lightning meridian therapy instrument, can achieve the purpose of repair. At that time, hope was rekindled in my heart. Later, I followed up several times one after another. Now the situation has improved, and insomnia has been rare, and it only occurs a few times a month. Thank you very much, Dr. Mei Xiufang.

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