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"Healthy Heart Reading" Live Preview | Three Farewells to Life

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"Healthy Heart Reading" Live Preview | Three Farewells to Life

The second Oscar-winning film "Traveling in a Dream" tells us that people die three times. The first is the death of the body, which is the death of the body; the second is the death of identity, the death of social status; the last is the death of memory, when the last person in the world who remembers you dies, and no one in the world misses you, it is the ultimate death. The Chinese are taboo to talk about death, and the thought of death will be associated with many unlucky and bad things. Because of this, many dying people and their relatives are helpless in panic in the hospital. But sooner or later, everyone has to take the lesson of life and death. Beijing Shifangyuan Public Welfare Foundation, by subsidizing organizations that provide spiritual care services for the seriously ill and dying, allows more people to participate in the services for the elderly, assisting 40 million critically ill and dying elderly people across the country to face death calmly and walk away in peace and tranquility The last journey of life. In this issue of co-reading, we will chat with Mr. Luo Shun, Deputy Secretary-General of Shifangyuan Public Welfare Foundation, about life and death, and about farewells... QWhat is "Healthy Heart Co-reading"? "Healthy Heart Reading" is led by Zhang Xiaofeng, the head of Shangshan Jianxin, as the "Healthy Heart Reader", reading selected good articles with online and offline partners, and the participants sincerely share their inner touches and gains. Let each reading together become a spiritual improvement and recharge, so that more people can feel the inner peace and joy, healthy hearts, you, me, and others, and thousands of families are happy. Q "Healthy Mind Reading" Process Co-reading process: 19:45-21:30 Watching the movie in meditation 19:45-20:00 Warm-up introduction 20:00-20:15 Opening and total reading 20:15-20:30 Meditation Silent reading 20:30-20:35 Free sharing 20:35-21:05 Guest sharing 21:05-21:15 Talk about harvest 21:15-21:30

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