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Xuzhou depression: Treating sleep problems may help prevent depression

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Xuzhou depression: Treating sleep problems may help prevent depression

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: The relationship between sleep and depression Sleep problems are closely related to depression, and it is a two-way relationship. Depression can worsen sleep problems, and poor sleep can worsen symptoms of depression. Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that includes difficulty sleeping or light sleep. About one-third of adults reported symptoms of insomnia, 10-15% reported daytime fatigue, and 6-10% reported mild symptoms. It is estimated that 40-50% of people with insomnia also suffer from another mental disorder. It's the most common sleep problem for insomniacs -- about 80 to 90 percent of people with depression have insomnia. Insomnia is a well-known risk factor for depression. Insomnia triples the risk of depression, the study found. Emerging technologies for sleep problems Emerging wearable technologies for tracking home sleep and sleep problems "offer enormous potential to advance clinical care and research," and they could be used to help personalize treatment later in treatment. However, he cautions that these brand new technologies require further testing and validation, especially in sleep assessment and treatment of people with depression. There are precise treatments for insomnia. Insomnia is usually treated with psychotherapy or medication. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia, in particular, is a precise, non-drug treatment for insomnia that is "usually considered a first-line treatment strategy." In recent years, internet- or digital-based cognitive behavioral therapy has also shown its benefits for insomnia and depression in large-scale studies. Advances in understanding and treating sleep problems are expected to help treat and prevent depression. From the point of view of public medicine, in the treatment of depression, the critical and accurate timing of insomnia may be before the onset of depression. The development of internet-based cbt-i therapy makes this increasingly possible. In addition, since sleep is closely associated with many mental health disorders, these advances may be used to help treat other mental health disorders.


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