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Can depression be cured?

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Can depression be cured?

What is depression? Depression itself is a psychological disorder. There are many factors in daily life that lead to the occurrence of this disease. Although it may be caused by congenital genetic factors, most patients still suffer from depression because of some acquired factors. And because of this, many people worry: Can depression be cured? In fact, in the face of depression, everyone can rest assured that depression can be cured at present, and as long as the patient can reasonably take some treatment measures and carry out reasonable treatment according to their current condition, such as: taking drugs Depression can be treated with both therapy and psychotherapy. However, treatment should be done according to each individual's condition, and the patient is required to cooperate with the doctor's treatment. For example: for some patients, medication is more effective; for others, psychotherapy is more effective; but for most patients, medication and psychotherapy are the most effective. effective method. So how should people with depression be treated? There are the following suggestions: Image source network invasion and deletion 1. If the clinical symptoms of depression patients are not so serious, and the disease has little impact on the patient's life, study and work, then such patients can consider not using method of drug treatment. If the patient's condition is relatively severe, it must be treated with medication. 2. For now, the drugs used in the treatment of depression are generally some antidepressants. Therefore, the key to the treatment of patients with depression lies in the choice of drugs. Relatively speaking, Western medicine can control depression faster but has relatively large side effects; while traditional Chinese medicine is used to treat the entire disease, and the effect is relatively stable, but the time required is relatively long, but the treatment is very thorough. . 3. In fact, for most depression patients, the effect of drug treatment is relatively obvious. But there are some difficult-to-treat patients whose condition fluctuates and recurs frequently. 4. The patient must be treated in accordance with the doctor's order. Whether it's drug therapy, electrotherapy, hormone therapy, or surgery, doctors make different decisions based on the patient's condition. 5. Depressed patients do not need to blame themselves at all. Because depression is just a common disease, no one has the ability to choose it. Therefore, instead of blaming yourself or guilt for why you have this disease, you should understand that you need help and actively embark on the road of seeking recovery. 6. Depressed patients should have the mentality to prevent relapse. To prevent problems before they occur, strictly follow the treatment plan formulated by the doctor, and maintain good living habits and active exercise. Image source network invasion and deletion Finally, if you have related problems, you can tell me and let me help you! ! #Health decrypt# #Focus on depression# #depression# #Health knowledge science#

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