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Does autonomic nerve disorder cause changes in blood pressure?

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Does autonomic nerve disorder cause changes in blood pressure?

Hello everyone, do you know that autonomic nervous system disorder is a harmful and complex disease. It not only causes various physical discomforts, but also negative psychological and emotional states. It may also cause endocrine, nerve, and blood pressure in the body. abnormal state. And in many cases, autonomic nerve disorders may also be used as a basis or predisposing factor for other harmful diseases, resulting in more harmful consequences.

Do you know why autonomic disorders can cause changes in blood pressure? Autonomic disorder itself is a kind of disease caused by the long-term influence of factors such as bad mood, excessive stress, disorder of work and rest, bad life behavior, etc. This kind of disease is very likely to have bad mood for a long time. The autonomic nerve disorder itself is a disease caused by the imbalance of the sympathetic nerves in the body, and the long-term mood is bad and in a situation of large fluctuations, which is likely to cause changes in hormones in the body, resulting in an increase in blood pressure. And the greater fluctuations in mood may also exacerbate the sympathetic nervousness, thereby causing or exacerbating the rise in blood pressure. Therefore, autonomic disorders may also cause changes in blood pressure.

Autonomic nerve disorders can also easily lead to lower blood pressure. It is only due to the disturbance of the autonomic nervous system that affects the heart rate, resulting in blood pressure fluctuations. The autonomic nerve is a huge system that is very extensive in the body and involves the whole body. The regulation of blood pressure depends on the heart and blood vessels. If the heart is in a normal state and maintains a certain and stable heartbeat frequency, the blood vessels will also be in a stable state, and the coordination of the two can maintain the balance of blood pressure. When the autonomic nerve is disordered, it is likely to affect the heart rate. When the heart rate is too fast or too slow, the blood vessels will be over-constricted or over-expanded, which will cause blood pressure fluctuations and lead to blood pressure. reduce. The more common blood pressure fluctuations caused by autonomic disorders are orthostatic hypotension, that is, when the blood pressure is normal when lying down, but when standing upright, the heartbeat is too slow, and the blood vessels are in a state of failing to contract in time. This causes the blood to stagnate, resulting in low blood pressure.

For mood swings, autonomic disorders are prone to this.

1, Autonomic disorder itself can easily lead to abnormal emotions, such as anxiety, depression, depression, lack of interest, lack of pleasure, etc. These are relatively common symptoms. 2. Autonomic nervous disorder may often cause various physical discomforts or pains. When physical discomfort occurs, emotions will also be affected. 3. When physical or emotional discomfort occurs due to autonomic nervous system disorder, it may lead to insomnia or other sleep disorders, and lack of sleep can easily aggravate emotional and physical discomfort. 4. Autonomic nervous disorder may also cause gastrointestinal abnormalities and cardiac discomfort similar to heart disease in many cases, which are likely to affect emotional problems. 5. Autonomic nervous disorder is a non-organic disease. This type of disease is special and difficult to detect by instruments. Often, when the cause of physical discomfort is difficult to find, it will exacerbate emotional abnormalities. It can be seen that autonomic disorders have a greater impact on emotions, and common problems with emotions are more likely to affect changes in blood pressure.


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