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Analyse the formation principle of boredom and explore ways to solve boredom

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Analyse the formation principle of boredom and explore ways to solve boredom

Analyse the formation principle of learning weariness, and explore ways to solve it Children of math and English teachers can't remember words. If they understand these principles, they will know why so many children are tired of learning, and they can also find ways to solve their tiredness. A middle school English teacher, the child has gone to school, that is to say, the words, phonetic symbols, and letters he speaks every day have been used for more than 20 years, and people with poor memory can be familiar with them. And a child, when he first came into contact with English, had so many words and phonetic symbols all at once, and it was impossible to remember them all at once, but his parents felt that he could not remember such simple things. , will criticize the child in the attitude of the teacher, the child will be depressed, will gradually resist, and gradually form a dislike of learning. The key to a child's good grades is to let the child establish a positive emotional link with learning and form a positive conditioned reflex. As soon as he learns, he will be active, like it, and basically learn well. But there is still another problem, which is the child's sense of responsibility, will quality, and the spirit of enduring hardship. No matter how much children like to study, and learning is a process of continuous climbing, they will encounter difficulties. Gradually, it will also become a dislike of learning. The formation of this sense of responsibility and will quality is slower than the formation of a conditioned reflex that likes learning. It requires many years of patience, which requires parents' persistence for a long time. Once a child develops a good character and a habit of learning, it will benefit for life.

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